Fed Study: Fake News drives Fake Markets

Thanks Bloomberg, for another useless piece of regurgitated info we’ve known for years; fake news drives the fake markets which are artificially inflated.  Actually thanks to the Fed for doing the academic research on this topic to confirm what we’ve known for years – the markets are rigged and one way they are manipulated is […]

Bernanke says overconfidence caused financial crisis

GIH: The ex-Fed chairman Ben Bernanke says that ‘overconfidence’ created the financial crisis.  As any Fed Chair, has he become victim of his own Fedspeak training?  Isn’t confidence good for markets, and fear is bad?  Don’t we worry the investors will have ‘fears’ and depart markets, and spend significant efforts to restore their confidence? From […]

The Greatest Propaganda Coup Of Our Time?

From Mike Whitney of Counterpunch [48] The Greatest Propaganda Coup of Our Time? There’s good propaganda and bad propaganda. Bad propaganda is generally crude, amateurish Judy Miller “mobile weapons lab-type” nonsense that figures that people are so stupid they’ll believe anything that appears in “the paper of record.” Good propaganda, on the other hand, uses factual, sometimes […]

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

The Federal Reserve (or Fed) has assumed sweeping new powers in the last year. In an unprecedented move in March 2008, the New York Fed advanced the funds for JPMorgan Chase Bank to buy investment bank Bear Stearns for pennies on the dollar. The deal was particularly controversial because Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, sits […]

FOMC Ignores EM Crisis, Tapers Another $10 Billion – December Statement Redline

GIH: $10 Billion in more taper from the Fed, indicates further tapering.  A bold move against the backdrop of the crisis in emerging market currencies, which caused a stock market sell off and EM Currency sell off.  Unlike many market analysts, The Fed “Sees Growth”: WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday another $10 billion […]

What the Fed can do to save the economy, give money to people, not banks

An Idea! Let the Fed Drop Money into Your Bank Account Instead of Raining it Down on the Rich Dec 08, 2013 – 05:56 PM GMT By: Ellen_Brown The Fed could be an institution that serves all the people, not just the 1%. The Federal Reserve is the only central bank with a dual mandate. It […]