Advanced Technologies hidden from public since World War 2 that you can invest in

Global Intel Hub — 6/8/2023 — Knoxville, TN — ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE — The cat has been let out of the bag, in a controlled release operation known as a ‘limited hangout’ – an operational tactic to hide a bigger story, which becomes buried under the controlled release.  For more info on what is a […]

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The State of Technology Address at the End of 2013

From SOTT: Oh 2013, what a high-tech year you were! From the general recognition (finally) that the US government was spying on everyone, everyone’s dog, and everyone’s dog’s lawn presents, to the almighty Mobile Revolution, to the 64-bit iPhone with 2X the awesome, to the complete abortion that is Windows 8/8.1… Yes, it was a year to […]

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