Large new study reveals how harmful psychological abuse in childhood can be

Children who are neglected and emotionally abused experience similar, if not worse, psychological problems than those who are sexually or physically abused. Despite this, childhood victims of psychological mistreatment rarely receive treatment and their suffering frequently goes unidentified. Those are the conclusions of a new study of 5,616 youths who had faced different types of […]

The George Carlin Sanity Test

You could say I grew up watching George Carlin. He was always my favorite rhetoric-ist. The most logical. The most reasonable. He was in effect my only access to what I now know as the Trivium. In my first 25 years of life, George Carlin’s material truly made me laugh at what could only be […]

Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity

Science has now proven what many have suspected for years; living the quiet rural life is relaxing, good for thinking, peaceful, and more calm.  Writers and other intellectuals have often kept rural properties as their main residence or even as a backup, to be secluded with only their thoughts, and the countryside.  With the advent […]