What’s holding Private Markets back

From VCC: 11/10/2023 Private Markets including VC funding, Pre IPO secondary’s, primary financing rounds, and other private deals have ground to a halt.  Overall volumes are down, number of deals are down, and the bid/ask spread has widened.  Private markets are opaque and complex, however, the market dynamics here are really simple and we’re going […]

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Impossible Foods model of Monopoly Capitalism raises another 200m

From PreIPOSwap.com (PreIPOSwap.com – 8/14/2020) — Food company Impossible Foods is a Bill Gates portfolio startup.  For those who have not been following, Bill Gates has been killing it since COVID- literally.  His portfolio has ballooned to enormous sums.  And while the mainstream media is covering how much his billionaire friends have made – even Mother Jones failed to […]

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