EXCLUSIVE: Cramer admits the markets are manipulated

It’s an oldie but a goodie.  Cramer says it right on camera.  He used to do it.  It’s illegal?  So whaaaat.. SEC doesn’t understand it.  Just remember this next time you turn on CNBC. The markets are manipulated.  All markets are manipulated.  What’s the ‘take away’ ?  You have several choices: A Get a job […]


Why it’s nearly impossible to trade Currencies with success

(Elite E Services) — 9/1/2017 — As we have explained in our book Splitting Pennies – trading FX is nearly impossible; or at least, it may be possible for some time, but in the long run, it’s a near certainty that without the use of professional algorithmic trading systems you will blow up your account. […]


How the big banks are banking off FX stupidity

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — Dover, DE – 8/12/2017 — We all know that the majority of people don’t know FX (Foreign Exchange) so this topic should come as no surprise.  However, it’s important for traders and investors to understand how the US banks are ripping off their clients, and the only reason they do it is because […]


Fighting inflation with FX, a real traders market

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) Dover, DE — 7/18/2017 — Hidden in plain site, as the Trump administration finally released something of substance regarding the so called promised “Trade Negotiation” we see FX take center stage in the global drama unfolding.  As noted on a Zero Hedge article: The much anticipated document (press release and link to full document) released by […]


Another shoe drops in the FX fraud manipulation conspiracy

FX is quite literally, a rigged game.  Not like the stock market, well not exactly.  FX has been, a game of ‘how many numbers am I holding behind my back?’ and the guess is always wrong!  As we explain in Splitting Pennies Understanding Forex – FX is rigged.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity! […]

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Dollar testing highs against the Canadian Dollar as Canada struggles with identity crisis

Is Canada a ‘real’ country? What is a ‘real’ country anyway? Is a ‘country’ defined by ethnic lines, borders, corporations, or what the United Nations says? Is Kosovo a country? Some say yes, some do not agree: Kosovo, self-declared independent country in the Balkans region of Europe.


USA places last in Forex market

Going back to the ‘USA is Exceptional’ meme- yes this is true! But it’s not necessarily a good thing (just like, being positive isn’t always good, for example it’s not good to be HIV positive). USA has the highest per capita prison population – and is exceptional in a number of areas. USA is number one in terms of real GDP, and last in many other terms. One thing that the USA is last in – FX.

Playing The Trump Effect On FX Markets

Trump will soon assume his elected office, and potentially change FX markets forever. Well, it’s already happened. But what we’ve seen happen now, has been mostly ‘talk’ – whereas in 4 days, it will be ‘reality.’ First let’s look at the best example in FX of the Trump Effect, USD/JPY traded as (FXY), Guggenheim CurrencyShares […]

How Trump can make billions for America Inc. with no risk, and support the US Dollar

A simple plan to boost the American financial markets and bring back unknown billions in US Dollars, and to solidify the US Dollar as the only World Reserve Currency  Several simple steps to make money for America Inc. and create an environment for growth at the same time Trump’s transition team announced the repealing of […]

How will TRUMP Victory impact FX and the US Dollar

Now that TRUMP has taken a huge lead even in the rigged polls, mostly due to the FBIs decision to pursue a criminal investigation into not only Clinton but 5 of her aides and associates, but also due to some surprise TRUMP support from would be Democrat supporters like Peter Theil; it’s time to take […]

“Central Banks Now Own $25 Trillion Of Financial Assets”

With 85% of Wall Street telling Citi they expect a “dovish hike signal” from Yellen tomorrow, which means a polite request for another BTFD opportunity, even if as BofA says “expectations for a dovish Fed are coinciding with macro strength in the US (most obviously in housing & consumer spending) as well as highest level of wage inflation since Jan’10“…
… here is a quick reminder of where we currently stand from BofA’s Michael Hartnett, from a brief note titled The Liquidity Supernova & the “Keynesian Put.”
* * *
Risk assets are now supported by the new ”Keynesian Put”, the expectation that fiscal measures will be deployed to combat any renewed weakness in the economy/markets (independently of any larger political projects). But asset prices remain primarily supported by excess monetary abundance across the world:
  1. There have been 667 interest rate cuts by global central banks since Lehman;
  2. G7 central bank governors Yellen, Kuroda, Draghi, Carney & Poloz have been in their current posts for a collective 17 years, yet only one (Yellen in Dec’15) has actually hiked interest rates during this time;
  3. Central banks own $25tn of financial assets (a sum larger than GDP of US + Japan, and up $12tn since Lehman);
  4. There are currently $12.3tn of negative yielding global bonds (28% of total);
  5. There is currently $8tn of negative yielding sovereign debt (54% of total).
Do not expect any unwind of this $25 trillion in risk asset support to be unwound any time soon, or perhaps ever, or else…
The Crab Nebula supernova


GIH: Walcome, Unicorn to Forex

An interesting week for the evolution of Forex! Coming just after leading US based intellectuals calling for the dethroning of “King Dollar” in an NY Times op-ed, we are moments away from a vote that could cause a major shakeup of the Eurozone, potential crash of the GBP, and creation of a new Scottish currency […]

Latin American Currencies Plunge To 2003 Lows, Argentine BONARs Shrink

GIH: Latin America should not be disregarded, it was an Asian crisis in 1998 that shook worldwide markets.  Brazil is a growing player in the global economy, and the Venezuelan stock market has been on a bull run.  What happens in Latin America deeply affects the world.  Take a look at these disturbing Forex charts: […]

Death to Forex

The Forex market is dead and dying, in parallel with the US economy; which is fitting, considering the US is still the world reserve currency. Significant harbingers that have changed the Forex market forever: Dodd Frank has killed/consolidated retail Forex in the US (significant because the US is the world reserve currency), leaving less than […]

Transcript of Kissinger Economic Policy Meeting

The below recently declassified transcript of an internal meeting between Kissinger and his advisers shows an alarming degree of incompetence from all sides.  Remember, this was during a period of great economic turmoil, after the Nixon Shock, and the infancy of the modern Forex market as we know it. There are those who believe in […]

An honest and profitable approach to Forex

Forex is a unique market in that it’s not traded on an exchange.  This leaves open a plethora of possibilities how banks and brokers structure their Forex offerings.  Typically, providers of Forex market access simply offer an increased spread.  The STP model, now the most commonly accepted, takes client orders and passes them through to […]

Spot FX manipulation data

Due to the spotlight being shined on large banks accused of manipulating the Forex market, traders are noticing and recording ‘odd’ events that would be too much of a coincidence to happen by chance.  An anonymous Zero Hedge author notes: With regulators finally catching on that banks are manipulating every asset class, the largest of […]

Goldman Sachs under investigation for Forex manipulation

Goldman Sachs is the latest Forex trading bank to be added to the list of banks being investigated for rigging of Forex rates used to price other derivatives, and for benchmarking purposes, known as the WM/Reuters rates.  However the investigation against Goldman Sachs also includes commodities, options, and technology systems.  Bloomberg reports: Goldman Sachs Group […]

Demo now available for premium raw feed

Recently Global Intel Hub announced a premium membership for $100/month where premium members can access features such as a raw feed with no spread markup with several participating Forex brokers.  Traders who are interested in this can now request a demo environment before signing up. Get your demo Learn more about GIH Premium Membership  

The GIH Premium Feed for Forex traders

Global Intel Hub offers a raw feed with no markup, commission, or other hidden cost for Premium members.   The spreads are raw interbank spreads with no markup.  See some sample spreads below: Unfortunately, this offer is not available to US Citizens unless they qualify as a ECP. Click here to register for a free demo […]