Xiao Jiang Li – Emroy University Professor Turned Out To Be Chinese Agent

A couple years back Chinese intelligence dismantled entire CIA network in China. This, along with the worldwide Chinese military technology grabbing Thousand Talents Program has put the western security apparatus on a back-foot. American intelligence h…

German Intelligence – Xi Jinping Asked WHO To Coverup Coronavirus

According to a phone call intercepted by German Intelligence, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked WHO to coverup Coronavirus by asking the Director Dr Tedros to withhold information about a person-to-person transmission of Coronavirus and to delay a pan…

Chinese Politician Given Suspended Death Sentence After 200 Million Yuan In Cash Was Found In His Apartment

When corrupt Chinese oligarchs and politicians are unable to transfer millions in illegally obtained funds offshore they resort to the next best option: storing the money in the form of cold, hard cash stashed away inside their apartments. However, this is a rather risky proposition as one of them found out when investigators, along with […]

Chinese Stocks Enter Bear Market Following 2 More Defaults Overnight

Following the default of 2 more corporations last night, Hang Seng’s index of China Enterprises plunged to 8-month lows and officially entered bear market territory. Overnight angst in the Chinese currency markets (which saw the Yuan trade back to 1-year lows) has sparked broad commodity weakness (as CCFD unwinds en masse) with copper giving back most of yesterday’s […]

The Dominoes Begin To Fall In China

Submitted by Tim Staermose of Sovereign Man blog [8], Forget tapering. Forget Ukraine. The largest single risk to the world economy and financial markets right now is China. What’s going on in China reminds me a lot of what I witnessed firsthand when I lived in South Korea in the 1990s, before that economy’s crash in 1998. […]

China Is Crashing … As Predicted

GIH: China now facing similar problems as the US, with market bubbles in many sectors.  Ghost cities, a drop in exports, and a bond bubble, are putting pressure on the previously high growth economy.  Americans usually concerned with the possibility of China dumping US Treasuries as some kind of economic warfare.  But if China’s economy […]

A Stunning Development In China-US Wage Parity

GIH:  Chinese companies are now considering manufacturing in the US due to competitive wage costs! In just over an hour Apple will report earnings which are expected to be a sole silver lining among the otherwise dreary retail landscape of the fourth quarter. However, those curious for an advance glimpse of what AAPL’s margins may […]

China’s First Default Is Coming: Here’s What To Expect

GIH: China’s economy is experiencing it’s first capitalist growth pains.  With the rapid expansion of the middle class and a growing financial sector, including their own shadow / private banking sector, it’s not a surprise that a financial company issuing debt is on the precipice of default, coinciding with the Chinese new year. As we […]

Bank of America Is Actively Preparing For The Chinese January 31 Trust Default

GIH: China’s economy has been overheating, and with a growing financial sector.  Some indications point to similarities between events in China now and the US in 2007.  A slowdown or credit crisis in China would also impact Australia, the region, and ultimately the entire world economy. Bank of America Is Actively Preparing For The Chinese […]

How to think Chinese – Developing a long term view

Before we begin we need to clear a few biases.  People confuse culture, politics, and economy.  For example, there is confusion about the differences between socialism and communism; many people think they are the same.  Also people equate communism with USSR style communism, which was less communist than your local community.  The most communist organization […]

The real economic truth about US China monetary ties

This analysis is about debunking the myth that China has some power over the US because of it’s large debt holdings.  Let’s just say this is a myth created by propaganda or lack of understanding.  It’s nonsense. Another myth is that China is a currency manipulator.  The Yuan is pegged to the US Dollar (although […]