Did the NSA Create Bitcoin? That’s classified

(Global Intel Hub) — 5/12/2018 — Bitcoin is now the talk of the town (Wall St.) and yet we don’t know who created it.  There’s lots of theories, but we haven’t seen any documented evidence.  Having experience in this business looking at the FX markets melt down over the last 10 years in a fraud […]

ALERT: Bitcoin, NSAs MONKEYROCKET, is going to save the old financial system from collapse

(Bloc10 4/29/2018) — This is a macro-deep-analysis of how Crypto can create a new parallel system by feeding off the old carcass of the dying fiat central banking model.
As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – the financial world is not as it seems.
Gurus from many, non-correlated financial disciplines have been predicting for years […]

Splitting Bits

Everyone is announcing Bitcoin but no one is doing – it’s all vapor

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 11/10/2017 We’d just like to note here that amidst Bitcoin’s historic rise there’s been a flurry of announcements with few ‘releases’ of finished products.  In fact only one company in the US, TZero, has a real regulated product that’s ready to go (which we noted as early as March 2016, but who was […]

Splitting Bits

The New Bit Currency Crypto FX paradigm

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 10/15/2017 Dover, DE — The Bit Paradigm has arrived; with billions being thrown into projects that no one knows who are the founders, or if the profiles they use for their ‘team’ pages are guys working from home or have day-jobs at the local grocery store.  It is transforming the landscape so rapidly, […]

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EES: Splitting Bits Digital Book released – Understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain

( – 10/10/2017 Dover, DE — Elite E Services, a FinTech virtual corporation in the Currency business for 15 years, has today published a digital book about Bitcoin and the Blockchain entitled “Splitting Bits : Understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain” available on Kindle exclusively, for $2.99 digitally.  Get it now from
With the world of Bitcoin and […]

Bitcoin Trading

ALERT: Explosive ICO market deserves a closer look – 13 Billion hiding in the Blockchain

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 9/3/2017 We’ve been inundated with comments and questions about Crypto since the Bitcoin surge higher, caused interestingly by Fidelity.  Elite E Services is not really interested in Cryptocurrencies but as an FX technology developer and consultant for 15 years, that gives us an advantage in a space filled with unregulated clowns (mostly).  Our […]


Why it’s nearly impossible to trade Currencies with success

(Elite E Services) — 9/1/2017 — As we have explained in our book Splitting Pennies – trading FX is nearly impossible; or at least, it may be possible for some time, but in the long run, it’s a near certainty that without the use of professional algorithmic trading systems you will blow up your account. […]


Fighting inflation with FX, a real traders market

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) Dover, DE — 7/18/2017 — Hidden in plain site, as the Trump administration finally released something of substance regarding the so called promised “Trade Negotiation” we see FX take center stage in the global drama unfolding.  As noted on a Zero Hedge article:
The much anticipated document (press release and link to full document) released by U.S. […]

Bitcoin Trading

EXPOSED: The real creator of Bitcoin is likely the NSA as One World Currency

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) 6/12/17 — Bitcoin has surged to all time highs, urging us to compose this article on a hot trending topic that we’ve wanted to compose for a long time.  Our parent company, Elite E Services, is primarily a FX algorithm development company – so we get asked about Bitcoin quite a bit.  Life is […]

Introducing the UltraCoin Cryptocurrency Composite Index

GIH: Alternative investing takes a new dimension with the introduction of ‘cryptocurrencies’ – designed mostly as payment systems, the value fluctuates based on customer demand, and marketplaces offer you the ability to trade your Bitcoins for USD or EUR.  Whatever your opinion if this is a valid investment, if one had purchased Bitcoin near it’s […]

Indian Bitcoin Exchanges Halted As Government Shifts Capital Control Attention Away From Gold

Another government is going after Bitcoin, the anonymous virtual currency gaining momentum as traditional asset classes are questioned.  In a surprise move, the Indian government has raided one Bitcoin seller and urged citizens to not use the virtual currency:
Having failed miserably in the “control” of capital outflows from the Rupee (via Gold), the India government (following […]

Fidelity Bans IRA Bitcoin Investments Days After Permitting Them

The debate over the institutional use of Bitcoin continues, as Fidelity allows IRA investment into Bitcoin, but then quickly reverses their position:
Following what we can only imagine was uproar following our discussion of Fidelity “allowing self-directed IRA holders to ‘invest’ in Bitcoin,” [3] the company has very quickly reversed policy… As MarketWatch notes [4],
“On an individual basis, we allowed an […]

Bitcoin crashes back down to $576 as Wall St. notices

Bitcoin has crashed to $576 and recovered a bit, all in a matter of days, down from it’s high by more than 50%.
It was inevitable that a few short days after Wall Street lovingly embraced Bitcoin as their own, with analysts fromBank of America, Citigroup and others, not to mention the clueless momentum-chasing, peanut gallery vocally flip-flopping […]

Bitcoin selling off as Baidu halts Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin being sold off as Baidu halts payments due to ‘value fluctuation’ – another ding in the credibility of the new digital crypto currency.
Bitcoin is being sold aggressively on heavy volume as this headline hits:


And the official, google-translated announcement from the BIDU website [4]:
This is one of the reasons Citi […]

Bitcoin Mining Report

With the recent attention to Bitcoin, GIH has been researching how the process of Bitcoin works.  The team has read many articles about it and even suggested to investors to invest in it more than 6 months ago.
The Bitcoin community has grown with the price.  In the beginning, it was a small group of enthusiasts. […]

Bitcoin Rises Over $500 – Is it a valid asset?

Bitcoin has breached the $500 mark as the US Congress convenes its first hearing on “Virtual Currencies.”

 From Zero Hedge:
Finally, for those curious what a “fair value” on Bitcoin may be, here is what we presented [13]a week ago, courtesy of Global Macro Investor’s Raoul Pal:
So yes: Bitcoin is volatile. Very. That much is clear. […]