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How the Shadow Government works: Privacy vs Secrecy


(Global Intel Hub 4/14/2020 - Charlotte, NC - ) Now that we are all homebound only to rely on 'official' sources of information as to what's going on, a deep dive into the shadow government is called for; what it is, and what role it plays in COVERT-19.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems.  First we want to mention that the word 'conspiracy' was invented by CIA Psychologists to discredit any alternative to the lone gunman theory, which has been proven demonstrably false.  Those in the FBI know very well who organized it, as agents were 'called off' of one of the most important murder investigations in history by the 'higher ups' and this was the moment that the Shadow Government was created.  The Shadow Government is not really the government this is a code word, most of those individuals who are its operators are in fact working for (or have previously worked for, or will be working for) private enterprise.  This is the most important thing to understand - it's a business.  Everyone always asks the question 'why' ? What is the motive of the shadow government?  It's really simple, power, which equals money.  We'll get into their unfair business practices later.  First we need to understand the difference between PRIVACY and SECRECY from a legal (systemic) perspective - looking at markets.  Public markets are open and transparent, meaning that there are rules in place whereby public companies have a disclosure burden, not only with quarterly financials but with their operations.  For example, food companies must disclose what ingredients are in the food.  There's only one exception - patents.  Heinz Ketchup has a 'secret ingredient' which is probably the genetically modified blood sample of Henry Heinz mass produced in a laboratory - so for this 'secret' they are allowed to write 'other ingredients.'  But that's not SECRECY that's PRIVACY - law products secret ingredients, trade secrets, intellectual property, personal information, and other rights afforded under commercial code.  The basis of capitalism rests on the shoulders of protection of property including intellectual property - otherwise we'd look like China (the state copies all inventors ideas and corporate methods, leaving businesses in a perpetual state of desperation for state help).  Companies like P&G, JNJ, Monsanto, and thousands of others all operate under the same legal framework, and we are the owners through our 401k and some of us directly, or through employee stock programs such as Home Depot (HD) has.  You may not agree with Monsanto's way of doing business - this author was a personal activist against the use of Glyphosates in many products in 2006, 2007, and only now we are seeing payouts possibly to the tune of $10 Billion for the cancer related effects..  

We all knew it caused Cancer and other teratogenic effects, including but not limited to a reduced IQ - yes that's right - a reduced IQ.  Call it part of the biological dumbing down of America, or maybe it's a coincidence.  Anyway, Monsanto is protected by the same corporate veil as Disney.  Other countries, notably the EU and the UK have copied the American model, as most other countries have systems dating back far befor America even existed.  But the US due to it's global superiority sort of 'proved' this model worked (even though that's a lie, it's not about the facts it's about the perception).  American Capitalism worked, so the world was sold, so you can see remnants of this system pretty much in the entire world, even in Africa.

There is a constant flux between Corporate privacy, as we have been describing, and consumer privacy.  Corporations such as Google have access to data that unbeknownst to users can be sold or used in ways we're only beginning to understand.  COVERT-19 has taken this to a new level.  But the fight of consumer rights has been a long and hard battle, and is fought all across the economy.  One of the strongest examples of personal protection is the fair debt collection practices act.

Debt collectors must immediately state 'this call is being recorded' and 'this is an attempt to collect a debt' and verify they are speaking to the debtholder, which is an obvious sign who they are in case the consumer does not want to be contacted.  Compare this to Russia, where they will literally break or legs if you haven't paid in a few months (they first will knock on your door, but it's not easy to come up with money in a place like Russia, and interest rates are usurious, calculated by the month and paid by the week.  Yes, it's really like that in Russia, so say my relatives - not something I read on a propaganda site.  There are people struggling with mounting debt facing real problems like getting punched in the face on a weekly basis or having a tough guy come to your apartment and literally walk out with your fridge and other appliances.  American Capitalism for all it's flaws has created a machine so strong that it has enabled a global Empire much more complex and far reaching than any Empire in history.  Privacy enables the stock market, the real economy, and everything in between.

Secrecy, on the other hand - is a completely different animal.  The US has a number of laws that create a 'classified' system by use in the Military which includes the NSA, CIA, DIA, Army, Navy, Air Force (or is it "Space Force"), and other branches of the Military:

The United States does not have a British-style Official Secrets Act; instead, several laws protect classified information, including the Espionage Act of 1917, the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. 

Also, the National Security Act of 1947 establishes the intelligence apparatus, which is the main conduit for secret intelligence.  Most people - both commoners and intelligentsia - have a meme about this apparatus that it applies to war, spies, foreign countries, and so on - which is true.  But the 'military-industrial-scientific complex' has evolved, and now nearly 80% of all operations are outsourced to private companies.  For example, SpaceX is launching more than 50% of NASA rockets.  NASA is part of the government, but SpaceX is a subcontractor who is actually doing the job - NASA and many agencies have become bureaucrats who cut checks to private corporations who are actually doing the job.  That's just one example there are others.  Notably, the Military doesn't make it's own weapons, that's done by Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, and many other companies.  Guns are made by private companies - in fact there are very few government factories anymore.  We're not judging this it's just an observation.  What there is done at a government level is research and development, for example through DARPA.  But that technology is then drip-fed to Silicon Valley through labs like PARC labs and others.  The military supplies business with the technology, and then hires them to implement it.  What does this mean for the private sector?  What happens when the Army hires a private firm to work on Classified contracts?  Great question!

Let's take a look at Raytheon, the corporation that makes next generation weapons, controls the weather, and provides security and logistics for black sites like Area 51.  Raytheon is publicly traded ticker RTN, so at least the numbers of their income from Classified work is public, as they have to disclose it on their 10q.  In one quarter in 2010 they won $900 Million in Classified contracts:

Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems division landed $563 million in new classified business during the second quarter of 2010, including $355 million on “a major classified program,” the Waltham, Mass.-based company said July 29.  Based in El Segundo, Calif., Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems builds optical, infrared and radio-frequency sensors for both satellites and aerial platforms. The division reported revenue of $1.2 billion for the quarter, up slightly from $1.1 billion during the same period last year, Raytheon said.  Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems division, whose products include satellite ground systems and software, booked $371 million in new classified business during the three month period ending June 30, along with $80 million on the data network for NASA’s Earth observing satellites. Revenue for the division was down significantly during the quarter, from $812 million last year to $472 million this year, due to the cancellation of a U.K. Border Agency contract, the company reported.

What is 'a major classified program' - no one will ever know, because it's Classified. That's what secrecy is.  It may be a project to create "Bitcoin" it may be a contract to control the weather through Raytheon's Microwave Beam technologies, we will not know for another 20 years, or never.  What we do know is that Raytheon invented the Microwave oven - think about that next time you heat up your morning Coffee and irradiate yourself with low doses of Cancer causing radiation.

Here's the bottom line.  Secrecy eliminates law.  In the case of Raytheon, public disclosure rules don't apply to "Classified" contracts because well, they are classified.  But isn't it interesting how a set of secrecy laws that is supposed to apply to the government sector suddenly applies to the private sector due to outsourcing.  So let's be clear about this - Raytheon while conducting their operations in order to fulfill the Classified contract has no accountability and is not subject to lawsuit, oversight, audit, inspection, or disclosure rules?  Because it's classified.  So how are we to know what is really going on in these corporations with secret contracts?  The truth is we can only speculate, and we can only rely on solid whistleblower testimony, and there are alot.  Let's name some heroes who have come forward and held the intelligence apparatus accountable:  Edward Snowden (NSA/CIA), Ray McGovern (CIA), Celeste Solum (FEMA), John Perkins (CIA), Bill Binney (NSA), Chelsey Manning (Army) and many, many others... 

Let's consider a logical argument.  Let's assume that some of these whistleblowers are lying or are politically motivated.  It would be unreasonable to assume they are ALL LYING in a coordinated hoax.  Don't look at them individually look at the group, it has established a pattern.  In a well run, honest, ethical and harmonious environment there would be no whistleblowers.

The quantity of them and quality of information brought forth such as by Snowden indicates that there is an entire system being operated in the shadows, behind the curtain.  This is the Shadow Government but it's not really a government - perhaps 'deep state' is a great description because it is an entity by itself with no name, and with no borders.  If laws are not suitable to such operations in USA they will move to Indonesia, or any corner on the planet whereby such actions can be carried out all under the cover of "Classified" contracts.

Here is one fault that Democrats will never insinuate on Trump because it would cause them to admit the existence of and their manipulation of the public by use of the deep state.  By being the leader of the US Military Trump is in a unique position to quash this system but yet he just complains about it.  He failed to take control of the DOJ and the deep state as it's leader (he is the President of the USA and the deep state, because the 'deep state' derives it's power from the Military and Secrecy laws that protect it, in which the President is at the top of the pyramid).  Does he not understand this, or is he a closet Elitist all along - we'll never know.  But the reality is, aside from the side show circus you see on TV, the deep state or Shadow Government has continued to operate without obstacle during the last 3 years and at all times since the early 1960s.

Moreover, those who lead this group are not elected, they aren't part of secret societies per se, but they are all *not* public figures.  Still the power structure of this group as outlined by author David Rothkopf, is a good ol' boy network of college buddies and cousins that need a job going back to the origins of USA.  To start reading about it, you can start here or checkout Splitting Pennies.

Take a look at this sham FOIA system, this is the answer that creates legally the Shadow Government (i.e. Deep State) -


Corporations operate in the shadows who have Classified DOD contracts.  Not only are the nature of the contracts Classified, since there is no accountability they could be doing anything under the cover of those Classified contracts.  Secrecy is confused publicly with privacy in order to confuse the public into believing there is oversight and accountability.  For issues of privacy there IS accountability.  For example if a website engages in illegal activities and has a privacy package, you can sue Godaddy and they will provide you the names and data.  Law enforcement can get private data if it pertains to crimes or crime solving - but not secret Classified operations.  In this anonymous gap created it's literally impossible to guess what's really going on in the Shadows, except by looking at circumstantial evidence, whistleblower testimony, and years later de-classified info such as the CIA did with the electronic reading room.

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