Secret Truth Revealed about THE REAL DEBATE

The Elite have invested billions of dollars over a period of 60 years to create a population of semi-conscious happy consumers in the US (and are attempting to do so globally).  The form changes from time to time, but the essence is the same: don’t mess with the status quo.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – this is no where more obvious than financial services.  In fact, a large part of the ‘dumbing down’ campaign is designed to make you fire from the right brain, and the reptilian brain (ribbit).  That means they encourage sports, violence, and basically anything vulgar and stupid.  It’s not only designed to destroy your family, it’s designed to destroy a civilization.  And it’s working!  For those who are curious about this mega-brainwashing-system that went into place during the 50’s and 60’s and now has a complete domination over almost all aspects of American life, checkout the following books: Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in AmericaPopulation Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us.
The Real Debate
Part of this social control paradigm they’ve created is turning politics into a big circus-style entertainment.  TRUMP fits the bill perfect here, as our entire political system has become a big reality show.  Tonight’s event, used to be one of much intellectual rigor.  To understand what ‘debate’ is – read this book “Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric” – a MUST read for any intellectual, trader, thinker, or someone who enjoys to understand how things work.  Modern politicians, don’t bother to read this book, it will only ruin your career (you shouldn’t read in fact, just practice smiling and saying what it says on the teleprompter).
There is practically no difference who the President is anymore.  Even Trump who is like the ‘Trump’ card, the wildcard candidate, could not likely greatly change the Corporatocracy currently running Washington, or he’d risk imploding it and in the process bankrupting himself.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any ‘fix’ for the system, so no matter how crafty and clever candidates like Trump may seem, even Nuclear war couldn’t shake the resolve of the lunatic psychopaths running the world.  The only thing that could really change the system, would be mass non-cooperation (say, 100 Million people stay at home, turn off their TVs.  It would cause a revolution).  With the constant flow of drugs, money, and cheap entertainment, (“the spice must flow”) it’s guaranteed that for the current generation, the bread and games approach will work.  As long as they’re kept fat and happy, they’re happy to line up for the slaughter.
The REAL Debate, doesn’t happen on TV.  It happens at the Federal Reserve Bank (Or, at the private Residence of some Rockefeller level bankers) – these debates involve topics such as who will be the next Fed Chairman, what country will the US invade next, and what the interest rate policy should be?  (The debate about interest rates, that doesn’t last long, not more than a few seconds, long enough for everyone to murmur ‘agree’ or ‘ditto’).  And here, in these private chambers, is where the REAL failure happened.  Some Rockefeller sidekick, like Helicopter Ben, will have some popular warped theory about how negative rates are good to stimulate growth, so the valves should be turned on full.  Fast forward almost 10 years, and the same Elite group finally realized that, economically speaking, it makes more sense to give money to people, not banks.  If by strange chance, those advisors with that realization, could have been in the meeting we call The Real Debate, maybe QE wouldn’t exist, we’d live in a different world, a more real world, based on real numbers and not aritifically inflated data.  But, we don’t live in that world so it’s pointless to think about. 
The Real Debate, happens everyday in the FX markets.  Traders on one side (the buy side) push hard to topple their counterpart, the sell side.  That’s the Real Debate.  You can watch it live for only $1 Click here to start to watch the real debate for only $1.
Politicians don’t call the shots anymore.  If they ever did, is another question.  The Real Debate, it’s happening right now on Zero Hedge.  Turn off your TV – and join!
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