Media Propaganda War on Venezuela


Media Propaganda War on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media operate as foot soldiers for imperial interests and corporate America, manipulating the public mind to serve them, featuring managed news misinformation and disinformation, suppressing what everyone needs to know on major issues.

The NYT is in the vanguard of waging propaganda war on Venezuela. Following Tuesday’s tempest in a teapot fiasco uprising, the Times went on a tear against Maduro in a number of reports and commentaries — intended to deceive, not inform.

It lied claiming Guaido made a serious effort to enlist Venezuelan military support for his effort to oust Maduro, saying it “rais(ed)  speculation that the military might be ready to heed him (sic).”

Venezuela’s military supports Maduro and Bolivarianism. Tuesday events had nothing to do with trying to shift their allegiance.

It had everything to do with staging a show on the world stage, US-led Western media one-sidedly reporting on what happened — hostile to Venezuelan social democracy, supporting Trump regime efforts to eliminate it.

The Times blamed Maduro for US crimes against the country. It lied claiming he “suppress(es) dissent through violence and intimidation.” Polar opposite is true.

The self-styled newspaper of record lied saying “prominent members of the opposition (were) jailed” — coup plotters and other lawbreakers alone, no one else, how all democratic nations operate. Tyrannical ones like the US, other Western countries, and Israel operate by their own rules extrajudicially.

On May Day, large pro-and-anti-government rallies were held in Venezuela, turnout for Maduro and Bolivarianism described as massive by on-the-ground observers.

In recent weeks, numbers for Guaido have been dwindling. Most Venezuelans despise him, his support largely in well-off communities.

Anti-government instigated violence continued on Wednesday, likely much more of the same ahead, orchestrated by US dark forces.

The Times and other US media falsely blamed street violence on Maduro. For the most part, government forces have shown restraint, countering violence with tear gas and other efforts to protect ordinary Venezuelans.

Not according to the Times, calling instigators of violence victims of government repression. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said eight soldiers were wounded by live fire while “confronting coup violence.”

Separately, the Times turned truth on its head, saying: Trump’s “top advisors…believ(ed) that a (Tuesday) military…rebellion…would galvanize a popular uprising and topple” Maduro.

Tuesday events had nothing to do with attempting this outcome. Trump regime hardliners blamed easily foiled Tuesday events on Russia and Cuba, along with “three influential Venezuelan officials, who failed to switch sides…frustrating their plans (sic).”

The three referred to are Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, Supreme Court Chief Justice Maikel Moreno, and presidential guard commander Rafael Hernandez.

John Bolton lied claiming they held talks with anti-government figures about shifting their allegiance to regime change. Nothing of the kind occurred.

On Wednesday, Pompeo repeated the Big Lie, saying “(t)hey made (their intention) very clear to…the oppositions (sic), adding: “And today they haven’t indicated that as clearly.”

They “indicated” nothing of the sort. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced the Big Lie, calling it “fake news,” tweeting: “Making up fake news is a very sad way to accept that the coup you backed has failed...once again. Diplomacy has to be restored in the US Government. #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela.

Big Lies are part of US media disseminated propaganda war on the Bolivarian Republic, the same tactics used against all US adversaries — especially in the run-up to and during wars of aggression, color revolutions, and the coup attempt against Venezuela.

On Tuesday, Padrino vowed to crush the made-in-the-USA anti-government coup plot.

The Times and other US media turned truth on its head, claiming the above three Venezuelan officials backed off because they were intimidated or got cold feet.

The Times: Maduro “remains a stubborn rival (sic) unwilling to step aside for the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, recognized by the United States as the country’s de facto leader (sic)” — not according to the rule of law or popular will of Venezuelans.

Trump’s National Security Council members met on Wednesday, discussing further steps to hasten regime change in Venezuela, according to Bolton.

Asked if more US sanctions are coming, he said “(w)e’ll be considering a lot of steps,” adding: “This is our hemisphere,” criticizing Russia for supporting Venezuelan sovereignty, lots more support needed.

Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams are desperate over Venezuela foiling their regime change efforts.

It’s symbolic of declining US power and influence, waging endless wars short of winning them, along with unsuccessful regime change efforts against Venezuela and Iran — exposing the myth of US exceptionalism, moral superiority, and military supremacy.

Key is whether its regime change rage against sovereign independent nations will destroy planet earth and all its life forms by a futile attempt to achieve global dominance at a time of growing multi-world polarity.

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