Global Intel Hub (GIH) is an information archive of cutting edge intelligence and analysis, including information about the financial markets, global macro economic trends, science, technology, philosophy, society, health, computing, space, and more.

The internet’s popularity is increasing globally, but the quality of information sources is decreasing at a faster pace.  Many sources are filled with biases of all kinds, and others that do offer high quality intelligence focus on a specific niche.  GIH was founded with the intent to bring our members secure unbiased information and intelligence on all relevant topics.


Global Intel Hub provides members with analysis, intelligence, and research on any important topic with a focus on the global markets, systemic analysis, intelligence reports, and research.

  • Breaking news research – When events such as 911, Hurricane Katrina, a plane crash in San Francisco, or the Fukushima event in Japan happen; it may take weeks or longer for a wide understanding of key facts.  In the initial hours and days following the event, much noise is generated by news agencies and others reporting on the topic.  Global Intel Hub sifts through the noise providing breaking analysis and posting key facts of the event.  This can be important for traders or investors when these events impact the markets.  Businesses can use this type of research as soon as possible to include in their planning, especially when they are impacted by such events.
  • Niche research – For important niche topics filled with biases and noise, Global Intel Hub will collect and post relevant research on the topic, as well as writing analysis reports on the topic.  Examples include the global tax regulation change, financial regulation changes, financial fraud, online security, technology development, region specific political analysis (such as situation in the EU), and others.  Members can always suggest a topic for research and premium members can receive customized analysis and research based on their needs.
  • Intelligence library – A collection of must read reports, books, and analysis created by our content partners as well as leading intelligence agencies such as the CIA, Stratfor; and from financial intelligence sources, corporate intelligence sources, and political intelligence sources.
  • Markets analysis – Leading edge markets analysis on important market events such as Quantitative Easing and its impact on the markets and investors, Foreign Exchange and it’s impact on any portfolio, and specific trade ideas based on a global macro view.  See example, Total credit instruments vs. GDP.
  • Insightful documentaries – Global Intel Hub finds must watch groundbreaking documentaries and educational videos important to the topic.  See an example.
  • Financial education – Through our content partnership with Elite Forex Training, Global Intel Hub hosts Forex training courses and educational material for investors.  Elite Forex Training provides institutional financial education and training for investors and financial professionals.  EFT’s courses are mostly one on one and customized, however they have provided Global Intel Hub with screen recordings, presentations, articles, educational videos, and other educational resources now offered exclusively to Global Intel Hub members.
  • Important news – The internet makes it possible to get most news available in minutes, and once scooped by a blog or website it filters through the internet quickly.  But how do you know what news is relevant?  More information or too much information can harm the outcome of analysis.  Global Intel Hub searches news sources for the one or two stories that matter, that are not always the leading story.  For example, China rejects shipment of Genetically Modified Corn.
  • Research tools – Tools to aid in your own research, such as sources, niche search engines, software to aid in research.

Global Intel Hub is developing a new model for ‘private internet’ which creates a synergy with all members, solving multiple problems (such as privacy and security) with one solution.

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Forex trading accounts with no commission, no rebates, no spread markup.  Through our partners, GIH has negotiated a ‘raw feed’ from several leading Forex brokers.  Premium subscribers will be allowed to trade on these feeds with no markup, commission, rebate, or other fee.  Just pay the $100/month premium subscription.  Unfortunately, this offer is NOT available for US Citizens unless you are an ECP.

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Weekly webinars for premium subscribers based on the week’s most significant events.  GIH analysts explain what this means, the theory behind, and possible implications.  Run for 2 hours every weekend, the webinar will consist of weekly analysis and education.  If members have a specific topic to be covered they can request it.  For example, today the ECB made a surprise cut of the interest rate; what will this mean for the markets, for the economy, and for other currencies?  The webinars will be recorded for future reference and kept in a GIH archive.

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