The world is much different today for citizens.  90% of destinations are within a 24 hour plane ride, at a reasonable price.  The internet allows information to be collected and in many cases to work online from anywhere.  Being an expat is today much more convenient than in previous times.  Many countries even give incentives to expatriate there, trying to attract new blood.  This used to be the policy of the United States, and many experts attribute the strength and growth of the US economy to a constant stream of immigrants.

Many of the issues associated with expatriation are now solved or lessened with technology.  For example, using Skype and other electronic communications, expats can keep in touch with friends and family back home.  Social media, email, and other means, allow expats to feel as if they’ve never left.  But there are still many challenges, and most importantly, a sharp information curve.  Save time, money, and headache by obtaining as much information as possible before your expat journey.  If you are already an expat, learn how to save on Forex transfers, take advantage of legal tax breaks, and other advantages.

Global Intel Hub offers a host of services for expats:

  • Information service
  • Immigration information
  • Local insights
  • Cultural information
  • Currency exchange
  • Personal international finance
  • Travel & Shipping info
  • Medical & Dental info

For potential expats:

  • How to guides
  • Becoming an expat
  • Legal resources for renouncing citizenship, becoming an immigrant
  • Communities of other expats

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