Eulogizing War Criminal McCain

Eulogizing War Criminal McCain

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America honors its worst. McCain was an unapologetic imperial spear carrier, a thuggish scoundrel supporting all US wars of aggression against nations threatening no one.

He was uncaring about the horrific human cost, dismissive about millions of civilians perishing post-9/11 alone, countless millions more harmed by US-led aggression he cheerled.

At a Thursday memorial service in Phoenix, attended by numerous congressional members and others, he was eulogized by likeminded scoundrels, including former vice president Joe Biden, saying:

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat (undemocratic, he failed to explain),” adding “I love John McCain.” Make you wanna wince in disgust? You bet!

Further disgraceful remarks followed, Biden saying “I trusted John with my life…Character is destiny. John had character.”

Vietnamese civilians he massacred indiscriminately from 30,000 feet would say otherwise if alive. 

So would millions slaughtered by all US imperial wars, ones McCain wholeheartedly supported, mindless of highest of high crimes committed. Nazis at Nuremberg were sentenced to death for the same offenses.

Biden reflected about ravaging brain cancer taking McCain’s life, calling it “brutal…relentless…unforgiving.”

He was silent about US imperial wars, massacring millions, turning cities, towns and villages to rubble, conflicts raging endlessly in multiple theaters, high crimes committed daily, horrors McCain endorsed and relished.

So do most others in Washington, profiles in courage virtually absent. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

“I always thought of John as a brother,” said Biden, admitting they didn’t always agree, never disagreeing about Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars of aggression against humanity at home and abroad.

For years after US forces raped and destroyed Southeast Asia, massacring millions, McCain called the Vietnamese “gooks.”

When asked about his racial slur, he said “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.”

He supported rescinding Martin Luther King Day. He kept white supremacists, race-baiting swift-boaters, as well as lobbyists for despots and terrorists on his staff.

An unapologetic warmonger, he endorsed unrestrained militarism, belligerence, and naked aggression throughout his public life. He urged invading, raping, and destroying Iraq in the 1990s.

Nothing about him reflected civility, decency, or respect for humanity he was uncaring about.

A longtime leading congressional warmonger, he called for using any means necessary to destroy US enemies, nations threatening no one, targeted solely for their sovereign independence and opposition to America’s imperial agenda.

He flew 23 terror-bombing missions over North Vietnam, averaging about 30 minutes each before shot down, captured and held as a POW.

Biden and others eulogized the mythical McCain, his disgraceful/lawless public disservice record ignored.

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