The real test of the election – Shadow govt. comes out of the shadows

This election is unprecedented in many ways.  Never before has a candidate been under indictment (probably from Grand Jury) – and under investigation from FBI.  Never before have previously private records been shown to the world vis a vis wikileaks.  Never before a non-career politician garnered so much support so quickly, even to the chagrin […]

The secret explosive connection between TRUMP and RUSSIA exposed

The last few days have certainly been historic for American politics!  Contrary to what the Mainstream Media, Democrat controlled White House, Senate, and other powerful groups are saying – this election is a unique, unprecedented, history making, game changing, paradigm shifting, superbowl of superbowls.  As we explain in our best selling book Splitting Pennies, and […]

Why the Elite hate Russia

In our previous article The Secret Truth about Russia Exposed, we elaborated on how Russia is a convenient enemy for politicians and specifically the Democratic party, to create an enemy that really, well – doesn’t exist to distract and confuse voters.  But like with any ‘enemy’ if you bomb a village, you may have some […]

Secret TRUTH about Russia EXPOSED

It seems the lies about Russia will be never ending.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies, the world doesn’t work the way most people think.  We’ve covered this topic recently, if you haven’t read this article, read it first, “Russia key player US Democrat War on Intelligence for Election:”  Point 1.  Russia didn’t […]

Chinese Politician Given Suspended Death Sentence After 200 Million Yuan In Cash Was Found In His Apartment

When corrupt Chinese oligarchs and politicians are unable to transfer millions in illegally obtained funds offshore they resort to the next best option: storing the money in the form of cold, hard cash stashed away inside their apartments. However, this is a rather risky proposition as one of them found out when investigators, along with […]

2 Weeks in the Mountains Can Change Your Blood for Months

The human body begins adapting to high-elevation environments as quickly as overnight, and these biological changes can last for months — even after the person has returned to lower elevations. For the first time ever, scientists comparing the blood of mountain hikers have observed how multiple changes affect the red blood cells’ ability to retain […]

China rejects shipments of genetically modified corn

In a strange reversal of roles, China has refused a US based corn shipment to see if “it meets China’s food quality standards” – in reference to a GMO product MIR162.  Many Americans don’t know that much of the foods that are consumed in the US are illegal in much of the world, especially the […]

68% Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track

On the outside America seems to be operating as usual.  Even the data doesn’t paint a sufficiently grim picture on the state of the economy.  68% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.  But it’s going to get much worse next year when Obamacare kicks in, wreaking economic havoc for families and […]

World Ready to Jump into Bed with China

US centric views cannot imagine a world where the US is not the dominating superpower economically, politically, and militarily.  Probably, this was what many British felt like post WW1.  It’s not surprising that empires rise and fall, but it’s difficult for many of those who are participating in the empire system to be objective, and […]

3 Potential “Taper” Surprises And FOMC Sugar-Coating

As we head for the fateful FOMC announcement on September 18, US data have continued to moderate. Accordingly, the consensus seems to be converging on a $10-15 billion initial reduction in monthly purchases (mostly focused on the Treasury side and less so on MBS) with any ‘tightening’ talk tempered by exaggerated forward-guidance discussions and the potential to […]