Speed Reading Software for GIH Members

Used by the CIA, diplomats, and business professionals to read volumes of info quickly, the Vortex XStream is a simple desktop based application that will flash words on your screen based on a text file, enabling you to read significantly faster and absorb more info than traditional reading. Think different!  How we assimilate information is […]

Auction System Failure Forces US Treasury To Postpone 3, 6-Month Bill Auctions

It’s hard to believe that the computer systems running multi-billion dollar markets are crashing, like the Nasdaq has been doing on a near weekly basis.  But now it’s happening to the US Treasury market.  It makes one wonder about the real stability of our markets, when the systems that run them are constantly breaking. While […]

N.S.A. May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot

The NSA has been found to tap into Level3’s backbone internet cables, through a variety of means.  According to Level3 financials, it seems they have an open agreement with the US departments of defense, justice, and homeland security.  More disturbing is the fact that if tech companies don’t cooperate, they’ll just get the data downstream […]

Content restrictions and VPNs

Since when have content restrictions become normal?  China imposes a ‘great firewall’ on users where many sites such as are completely blocked.  Is it more scary to realize that the site you are viewing may display different content based on your IP, or not at all?  Fortunately there is a solution, VPNs and proxy […]

Hearing: Security Flaws in Obamacare Website Endanger Americans

  A panel of IT experts recommended that Americans do not use the website due to security flaws that could lead to identity theft or worse.  The experts said they’ve ‘never seen anything like it’ and that it would be easy for a hacker with basic knowledge to break into the site, stealing private […]

Bitcoin rises more than 20% over 600 before Senate hearing

As the Senate is convening it’s first hearing on ‘digital currencies’ (but specifically Bitcoin) it has surged above $600/USD which is a record high. One reason for the surge ahead of the Senate hearing could be partially fuelled by the fact that you can now buy Real Estate in China with Bitcoin: Bitcoin acceptance in […]

Bitcoin Rises Over $500 – Is it a valid asset?

Bitcoin has breached the $500 mark as the US Congress convenes its first hearing on “Virtual Currencies.”  From Zero Hedge: Finally, for those curious what a “fair value” on Bitcoin may be, here is what we presented [13]a week ago, courtesy of Global Macro Investor’s Raoul Pal: So yes: Bitcoin is volatile. Very. That much […]

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

While the NSA, CIA, and other agencies are spying on the populous, it appears that at least in some instances, the populous is spying on them as well.  But of course the populous will be held legally liable.  Activist hackers have been accessing US government computers in multiple agencies (we can assume CIA, NSA, at […]

US & Israel computer virus threatens nuclear power plants worldwide

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the global security and anti-virus computer software company, said today at a press conference that a friend told him an unnamed nuclear power plant in Russia has been infected by the Stuxnet virus.  This was supposedly developed to infiltrate Iran’s nuclear program, by the US and Israel.  See more about Stuxnet […]

Backup your electronic assets

Most information today is in electronic form, saved on your home or office PC (or server).  Even if you are not in the computer business, it’s important to have a backup of your electronic records, software, pictures (such as scanned copies of your Passport and other ID).  For any size environment, we recommend the following […]

Bitcoin surging again

Bitcoin, an online-only currency scarcely four years old, is breaking out to new highs this week and now sports a total value of $2.8 billion.  Just a few months ago, it looked like this economic experiment as the world’s first decentralized technology-based form of money would crash and burn.  Since then, ConvergEx’s Nick Colas points […]

Wal-Mart computer error leads to massive mispricing

$100 for a can of Lysol and computer monitors for $9 were offered at due to a bug in their pricing algorithm.  Customers were quick to snap up bargains, some knowingly taking advantage of mispriced items hoping that Wal-Mart would honor prices as displayed.  Others purchased items for 1000% of their retail value.  So […]

BRICS building their own internet

Many governments and organizations are not taking the Spy Scandal lightly.  BRICS countries are building their own internet. As Reuters notes: * The BRICS countries make up 21 percent of global GDP. They have increased their share of global GDP threefold in the past 15 years. * The BRICS are home to 43 percent of […]

EU data regulations target data transfer to USA

It should come as no surprise to those who have been following the NSA Spy scandal unfolding that regulators are passing laws to protect data from prying agencies.  The Guardian reports from Brussels today: Regulations on European data protection standards are expected to pass the European parliament committee stage on Monday after the various political […]

Skype under investigation in Luxembourg over link to NSA

Skype is being investigated by Luxembourg’s data protection commissioner over concerns about its secret involvement with the US National Security Agency (NSA) spy programme Prism, the Guardian has learned. The Microsoft-owned internet chat company could potentially face criminal and administrative sanctions, including a ban on passing users’ communications covertly to the US signals intelliigence agency. […]

What Undercover Boss and The Jetsons Tell Us About the Future of Jobs

In the early days of artificial intelligence research, it was commonplace for the well-educated academics in the field to (mistakenly) think that being “intelligent” meant being good at things that other well-educated academic researchers struggled at, like playing chess. We now know, however, that it’s far harder to get robots to do things that come […]

RSA warns over NSA link to encryption algorithm

 RSA believes one of its algorithms may be compromised RSA, the internet security firm, has warned customers not to use one of its own encryption algorithms after fears it can be unlocked by the US National Security Agency (NSA). In an advisory note to its developer customers, RSA said that a default algorithm in one […]

Synchronize your Meta Trader folders

Elite Meta Sync synchronizes your files between MT4 installations as well as creating a backup in your My Documents folder. Elite Meta Sync will sync your experts, indicators, dlls, libraries, and other files between all MT4 terminal installations. This tool is offered free for Global Intel Hub members only.  Do not share this tool or resell it.  […]