LabCorp’s faulty paternity tests and their impact on Society

Summary Paternity Suit Raises Doubts About DNA Tests Paternity Testing Reviews for LabCorp (can it be trusted or not?) Labcorp competitors Is Quest Diagnostics better than LabCorp? Global Intel Hub — 7/9/2021 Managua, Nicaragua – Washington hairdresser Andre Chreky gladly agreed to a DNA test when a former employee hit him with a paternity suit. The […]

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URGENT ALERT for FX losers – 2 Billion approved for distribution get your pennies

( 2/4/2018) — If you have traded FX in the past 10 years, you have probably lost and lost big.  Not because you are a bad investor or trader, but because most of the FX institutions have been run by ponzi scammers like Russ Wasendorf or Phillip Bennett. The Fed has been quiet because their […]

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Splitting Bits

Everyone is announcing Bitcoin but no one is doing – it’s all vapor

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 11/10/2017 We’d just like to note here that amidst Bitcoin’s historic rise there’s been a flurry of announcements with few ‘releases’ of finished products.  In fact only one company in the US, TZero, has a real regulated product that’s ready to go (which we noted as early as March 2016, but who was […]

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Alpha Z Advisors offers an alternative to options investing

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — Dover, DE 8/8/2017 — Global Intel Hub exclusive interview — Elite E Services sat down with Mike Connor, Principal and Senior AP of Alpha Z Advisors, LLC – a trading advisor offering alternative investments based on strategies incorporating research on price anomalies, behavioral biases and institutional practices. In November of last year, Alpha Z Advisors […]

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Author of Splitting Pennies, Joe Gelet, interviewed on Podcast

Joe Gelet, author of Splitting Pennies, was interviewed on Destiny Survival podcast, by John Wesley Smith.  Checkout what he had to say about the interview, at his site Joe […]

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