Scary Chart Of The Day: Average Foreign Purchases Of US Securities Take Out Lehman Low

As we reported earlier today [10], for whatever reason China sold the second biggest amount of US Treasurys in December. However, that was only part of the story. In fact, as we also noted, while the two largest US foreign creditors were net sellers, total foreign bond holdings actually rose in the last month of 2013 and […]

Latin American Currencies Plunge To 2003 Lows, Argentine BONARs Shrink

GIH: Latin America should not be disregarded, it was an Asian crisis in 1998 that shook worldwide markets.  Brazil is a growing player in the global economy, and the Venezuelan stock market has been on a bull run.  What happens in Latin America deeply affects the world.  Take a look at these disturbing Forex charts: […]

It’s Getting Congested: The World’s “Three Handle” Ten Year Bonds

A convergence of US/EU bond spreads sends an ominous message about the comparison between the false US recovery/QE program and the EU crisis. From Zero Hedge: Forget “the 1%-ers”, meet the 3%-ers. As US Treasuries sell-off and European bonds continues to surge, the 3% handle on government debt is becoming a crowded trade with the […]

Chart: Twitter Now Has A Larger Market Capitalization Than 80% Of All S&P 500 Companies

As everyone is well aware by now, Twitter investors and speculators have been on a sharp, sudden and very relentless buying spree, sending the company nearly 50% higher since the first week of December, and nearly doubling it since late November. Why the stock has exploded the way it has, nobody knows, and frankly nobody […]

Chart: The Fed Now Owns One Third Of The Entire US Bond Market

So called “Fed Speak” is really just another word for “Doublespeak” presented differently.  When JPMorgan Chase imposed capital controls on certain account types, the next day they explained there are no capital controls this is ‘derisking’.  The Fed is ‘monetizing’ debt, or in other words, buying the government.  However the language reads, the Fed now […]

Bitcoin Worth More Than Gold

Bitcoin is continually being driven higher by a number of forces, such as gaining credibility by now being legally accepted by merchants, being discussed as currency in front of the US Senate, and a general fear of paper currencies collapsing.  From Zero Hedge: UPDATE: … And then Bitcoin collapses 13% minutes later…  [5]   It […]

Switzerland Rejects Proposal To Limit Executive Pay

In a bold pro-corporate move, Switzerland has rejected a proposal that would limit executive pay.  Only 6 months ago, 70% of Switzerland supported and applauded this proposal.  See infographic.  More from Zero Hedge: Confirming that the brotherhood of the “fairness doctrine” in which everyone is equal to everyone else (but some are too big to fail […]