When Minorities Become Majorities: The Tyranny of Minorities

Writer John Kaminski said, “If we keep importing minorities,  we will irreversibly step down the stairway to our own destruction.” By 2042, at current legal and illegal immigration rates, Mexicans, Latinos and Hispanics will become the new majority in America.  They bring their cultures that have failed them in Mexico and Central America. They bring […]


Negative Impacts On Earth From Advanced Technology

Within the last 120 years, humans jumped from horse and buggies to rockets to Mars.  Technology today drives everything we do, say, think and feel. At first, technology engineered the automobile to give us speed to travel, then the phone to give communication over distances, and for the free spirits, airplanes gave us flight.  Soon […]

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Adam Shifty Schiff involved in illegal sodomite drug den EXPOSED

(Global Intel Hub) Somewhere, USA — 10/18/2019 — There is no surprise that the Democratic party, the same party funded by Pedophile Kingpin “Pedostein” Jeffrey Epstein, is again involved in a murderous meth fueled tryst by one of their leaders.  What’s disturbing though, isn’t Schiff’s homosexual activities, nor his taste for Chocolate – America is […]

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Terrorized, Traumatized, & Terminated: The Police State’s Deadly Toll On America’s Children

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “Mommy, am I gonna die?”— 4-year-old Ava Ellis after being inadvertently shot in the leg by a police officer who was aiming for the girl’s boxer-terrier dog, Patches “‘Am I going to get shot again.’”—2-year-old survivor of a police shooting that left his three siblings, ages 1, […]


The Construed Coup – Anti-American pro Globalists stage Coup d’état in USA

Pedoparty – Global Illuminati Conspiracy stages Coup d’état in United States of America (Global Intel Hub) Zero Hedge Exclusive — Washington DC, USA.  10/5/2019 — Everyday it seems things can’t get any more weird.  The twilight zone has arrived when one of the most sane voices on Capitol Hill is previous nut job turned logical […]

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September Snowblast 2019: Weather Modification out of control

(Global Intel Hub – 9/28/2019) — Charlotte, NC — While Canadians have nothing better to do than march and protest ‘climate change’ there is an ongoing massive weather modification program that’s creating storms, droughts, floods, and other ‘natural’ events.  Recently we exposed the modifications of major Hurricanes, such as the recent Hurricane Dorian that ruined […]


Brazilian Rainforest Destruction EXPOSED

Global Intel Hub – (Zero Hedge Exclusive) 9/22/2019 Quito, Ecuador — Brazil is home to the largest forest in the world, known as the “Amazon” which is so big, the word itself has grown to mean something ‘huge, massive’.  The destruction of the rainforest has been much controversy so we wanted to fact check the […]

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Massive NYC Construction and Planning Fraud EXPOSED

( – New York, NY) 9/9/2019 — We never would have guessed that the largest and most poorly planned construction projects are going on in downtown New York City (NYC) known as “Manhattan” or “The City” to the locals.  Before digging further into details we have to credit John Young for breaking this story with […]

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Artificial hurricanes manufactured by deep state enterprise

Global Intel Hub — Boca Raton, FL – 8/31/2019 — The weather has been weaponized as well has every other aspect of American life, by the Military Industrial Complex, an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (that works and thinks beyond the petty political disputes humans can imagine.)  This has been well documented right here on […]


The Monopoly on Free Will

Global Intel Hub 8/15/2019 – by Vasya Pupkin Around 100 years ago an interesting shift happened in the world.  In America, the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1915, and just 2 short years later the Soviet Union was created after the Bolshevik Revolution.  You think these 2 events have nothing in common but actually […]


Think Different: Alternative thinking about investments

There is an expression on Wall St. that sheep get slaughtered.  But in the past 10 years since the credit crisis, sheep have done pretty well as Quantitative Easing has pushed most markets through the roof.  But let’s be clear about one thing, our underlying hypothesis which I’m sure most here will agree with: Inflation […]


Exposed: Truth about Russia Hoax – How Demorats tried to fix the election

Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive) – – Washington D.C. – 7/24/2019 —  Today’s ridiculous circus showcase hearing that failed is just another proof that the Demorats are not likely going to survive the next election; as even their own guard is stepping up the anti-hoax rhetoric. As we explain in Splitting Pennies – the […]


False Flag intro to World War 3 tanker attacks

Global Intel Hub – (London, UK 6/13/2019) — Most wars in the past 100 years have been started with a ‘spark’ which might be assassination, attacking of a ship, or bombing of Pearl Harbor.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies the world is not as it seems. We’re not saying that this attack is a […]


Dude, where’s my culture?

Have you ever stopped running around the hamster wheel and looked around and thought where the hell am I?  Who am I? The deterioration of Western culture could not be felt greater anywhere else but America.  We’ve created an entire class of “Haters” who for absolutely no logical reason hate President Trump – so much […]


Massive Multi-Industry Fraud involving Paternity Testing, MLM and LabCorp (NYSE:LH) EXPOSED

(Global Intel Hub) — London, UK — 2/3/2019 In this explosive series, Global Intel Hub has uncovered what is perhaps one of the largest and most sickening medical frauds ever, spanning the globe and involving multiple industries, an MLM scam, publicly traded companies like LabCorp (NYSE:LH), local municipalities such as county and city governments, and […]

Illegal Collective Punishment Against Venezuelan DC Embassy Protectors

Illegal Collective Punishment Against Venezuelan DC Embassy Protectors  by Stephen Lendman  Dozens of embassy protectors have been living in Venezuela’s DC embassy since mid-April, holding out against an unlawful Trump regime order to leave. The facility is sovereign Venezuelan territory. Activists protecting it from an unlawful US takeover were thanked by Bolivarian officials in Caracas, […]

Do EU Nations Side with the US Over Iran on the JCPOA?

Do EU Nations Side with the US Over Iran on the JCPOA? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) As long as the US was onboard, Iran nuclear deal signatories Britain, France, and Germany supported its implementation and provisions — no longer after Trump’s withdrawal. Their rhetoric says one thing, their actions another. […]

The Fake April 30 Coup Plot Against Venezuela: What’s Next?

The Fake April 30 Coup Plot in Venezuela: What’s Next? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Guaido’s so-called Operation Freedom, orchestrated by his Trump regime handlers, was a coup plot that wasn’t, explained by Brazil-based journalist Michael Fox and others on the ground, witnessing events as they unfolded. The scheme was head […]

Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty

Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Pompeo demanded that Russia get out of Venezuela. “We don’t want anyone messing around with” the country, he roared. Bolton made similar remarks, falsely accusing Moscow and Cuba of taking over Venezuela, warning there’s a “cost” to pay. Trump regime […]

Netanyahu Threatens Iran

Netanyahu Threatens Iran by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) He’s done it time and again before, lots more times to come, ignoring his regime’s high crimes against Palestinians and neighboring Syria. The US/NATO/apartheid Israel axis of evil represents the greatest threat to world peace and stability. Throughout its odious history, Israel has […]