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A storm is formed when hot and cold air is mixing and rising until it reaches a critical mass, then lightning, then thunder (Then Ozone!).

The intelligence storm is the 'aha' moment when you understand the Gestalt of the meaning of the intelligence.  Wisdom is greater than the sum of it's parts, i.e. if you read a book you have information based on that book, when you read 1,000 books you can integrate them into a greater "Superbook" which is your personal Wisdom.  This is what we strive to achieve with our video productions.  Intelligence Storm is the singularity, when rapid paradigm shift is achieved - the critical mass that shifts society from 4D to 5D.

Topics include Markets, Business, Advanced Technology, Geopolitics, Exopolitics, Philosophy, and Quantum Physics.

Interview Format

20 minutes unedited free speech interview with guests who are disruptive in their field.

Their skills, knowledge, know-how, and/or content takes their field to a new level, opening up blue oceans and creating a new paradigm for humans.


The Guests are Masters in their field, have achieved good results in business ethically, or have effected real change socially.  Witnesses, whistleblowers, or people with interesting ancestry are also welcome.  Anyone that has a unique viewpoint and something to share that's valuable.  We want each interview to have a tangible 'takeaway' lesson, which users can use in their lives.

Basic questions

What makes you the best in your field, what do you do that others don't?

How did you come to this understanding, was it an event, experience, training, or what?

What advice can you give people to do for themselves, what you do?

How can people support your ideas, project, cause, or business?

What do you think is the biggest challenge surrounding your field?

Time permitting

What do you think the future holds, next 5-10 years?

What are some actionable steps that anyone can take?

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