WaPo’s Russophobic Hate-Mongering

WaPo’s Russophobic Hate-Mongering

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

On issues mattering most, especially war and peace and anything about Russia, WaPo is a lying machine, feeding its readers rubbish, truth-telling suppressed.

Its editors take orders from Langley, featuring disinformation the spy agency wants published – consistently suppressing hard truths about US high crimes of war and against humanity.

WaPo’s latest Russophobic broadside once again turned truth on its head, falsely accusing Putin of “disdain for the rules-based post-World War II order” – a US imperial specialty, not his, observing rule of law principles Washington rejects.

WaPo: “In two recent incidents involving the use of outlawed chemicals, Russia’s answer has been a frantic parade of lies, bizarre explanations and attempts to distract from finding the truth.”

Fact: No incidents referred to occurred, no Russian “parade of lies,” no “bizarre explanations” about anything, no attempt to suppress truth-telling.

Fact: Like the NYT, WaPo is an imperial press agent, supporting the official narrative, pretending disinformation is accurate.

WaPo: “An investigation by the British authorities and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons found they were poisoned by a binary nerve agent developed in the last years of the Soviet Union, known as the Novichok class.”

Fact: An independent Swiss state Spiez lab analysis of the substance harming father and daughter Skripal revealed it’s an incapacitating 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ toxin – not a novichok military-grade nerve agent, as falsely reported.

BZ is harmful, not lethal, why the Skripals are recovering, not dead. Exposure to a military-grade nerve agent is lethal.

The Swiss lab analyzed samples provided to the OPCW by Britain. The organization shamefully rubber-stamped the official UK claim, falsely calling the toxin novichok.

Swiss lab analysis proved otherwise. London continues stonewalling Russia, refusing to answer key questions on the Salisbury incident, or let its embassy have access to the Skripals – Russian citizens.

WaPo mocked truth-telling on the incident by Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials.

It embarrassed itself calling al-Qaeda-linked White Helmet terrorists “brave humanitarians who save Syrians under the bombs…”

It accused Russia of “creat(ing) new world disorder” – a US specialty along with its lawless imperial partners.

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