WaPo Tries Justifying Unjustifiable US-Led Aggression

WaPo Tries Justifying Unjustifiable US-Led Aggression

by Stephen Lendman

Overnight Friday US-led aggression on Syrian targets was the latest shoe to drop on a sovereign state and its people – victimized by Washington’s rage to replace its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule.

More is sure to come, likely more destructive than pre-dawn Saturday, maybe Assad targeted directly, along with attacking Syria’s military.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post praised US-led aggression, calling for more, saying “the mission is far from accomplished.”

WaPo: “…Trump was right to order the strike, and also to focus it on chemical and biological facilities.”

Fact: No such facilities exist, empty buildings and a cancer drug research facility destroyed.

Fact: Trump ordered naked aggression based on a Big Lie, supported by Britain, France, and Israel – the Jewish state at war with Syria, terror-bombing its territory numerous times, supporting ISIS and other terrorists, allied with Washington for regime change.

WaPo: “It is vital that the international prohibition against the use of those horrific agents be upheld; the participation of Britain and France in the operation was important in that respect.”

Fact: Washington and Israel are the most flagrant abusers of international law, including by using of chemical and other banned weapons in their wars of aggression.

WaPo considers withdrawal of US forces from Syria misguided, ignoring their illegal presence, committing high crimes against the nation and its people – falsely claiming Iran will be “entrench(ed)” in the country if America leaves, adding:

“…Turkey will move in at the expense of the Kurds…The eventual result could be a war between Iran and…Israel” – only if the Jewish state or Washington initiates it.

Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It threatens none now. Its military advisors are in Syria, aiding Assad combat US-supported terrorists.

WaPo called for greater US involvement in the country than already, ignoring the enormous harm caused by its presence.

The broadsheet supports regime change, Washington’s aim for this objective a flagrant breach of international law.

WaPo: “Only…with…Assad’s…departure will it be possible to ensure that Syrians do not suffer more atrocities, by chemical weapons or by other means. That is why it was wrong for Mr. Trump to call Friday’s operation a ‘Mission Accomplished.’ “

Mimicking GW Bush, the words will likely come back to haunt him like his predecessor.

Syrians indeed are grievously harmed by endless US-initiated war, by its terror-bombing atrocities and others committed by its terrorist foot soldiers – reality airbrushed out of media scoundrel reports.

WaPo: Whether the president accepts it or not, the challenge to vital US interests in Syria is far from over.”

As long as Washington and its rogue allies continue terrorizing Syria, their long ordeal will worsen, not end.

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