Is War Now “Inevitable”

In a moment of surprising clarity, Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid pointed out what is largely taboo in the financial industry – the truth. “Looking back, real GDP growth in the US through the latter half of the 2000s and the 2010s has been at the lowest levels since the cyclically scarred decades of the Great […]

Meanwhile, This Is What Putin Is Doing…

For the last few days we have been bombarded with words that appear ‘peaceful’ and problem-solving from Russia with love. Of course, ‘no change’ benefits mother Russia the most as his government’s gas revenues (and political power) will continue to flow from Europe (a quarter of Russian government income comes from being Europe’s gas supplier). […]

Analysis of the current collapse

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog, For years now at Alt-Market (and I have carefully outlined the most likely path of collapse to take place within the U.S., and a vital part of that analysis included economic destabilization caused by a loss of the dollar’s world reserve status and petro-status.  I have also always made […]

Prince Bandar bin Sultan linked to chem attacks in Syria

As we showed mere days ago, it appears the truth of who the real puppet-master in the Middle-East is becoming plainer to see. The incredibly frank discussion between Saudi’s spy-chief Prince Bandar and Russia’s Putin exposed a much deeper plot is afoot and the following details from the actual people on the ground in the chemically-attacked region […]

Syria: A Comprehensive Look at the Options for Intervention (Stratfor)

Summary The United States and its allies have a few options if they proceed with an intervention in Syria, a prospect that seems increasingly likely. A limited punitive strike on critical targets meant to discourage future use of chemical weapons would be the simplest operation. Another option would be to target the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons delivery […]

Syria War 2013

Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus | World news | The Guardian Syrian Official: Obama Administration’s Claims Assad Regime Carried Out Chemical Attack ‘Completely Wrong’ « CBS DC BBC News – Syria crisis: Russia and China step up warning over strike OBAMA’S WAR… BUCHANAN: Congress should veto… Strike within days… […]