Staged Anti-Liberation Rallies in Idlib, Syria

Staged Anti-Liberation Rallies in Idlib, Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

What’s going on in Idlib province is reminiscent of the Obama regime’s early 2011 staged anti-Assad protests – prelude to planned aggression, now in its 8th year, ravaging the country and its people.

Things began when US-supported jihadists fired on Syrian security forces and civilians. 

Claims about government forces attacking peaceful demonstrators were bald-faced lies. Propaganda war followed, supporting US-led naked aggression to try replacing Syria’s legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule.

Tim Anderson’s Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance explained vital truths about the war suppressed by media scoundrels – reporting the official propaganda narrative, ignoring reality on the ground. 

Washington, Britain, France, Turkey, other NATO countries, Israel, the Saudis, and their regional partners oppose Syria’s liberation – Idlib province the eye of the storm, the last major US-supported terrorist stronghold.

Trump regime officials called for avoiding a humanitarian disaster in Idlib they don’t give a damn about. Their anti-Syria/Russia rage is all about opposing the province’s liberation.

The same goes for Turkey, supporting anti-Assad jihadists it pretends to oppose, supplying them with arms, munitions, and other material support – illegally deploying large numbers of its own heavily armed troops cross-border into northern Syria.

While longstanding Ankara aggression goes on in Turkish Kurdistan and northern Syria against Kurdish YPG fighters, President Erdogan issued a hollow statement through his spokesman, calling for a “political rather than military” solution in Syria.

He opposes Idlib liberation, feigning concern like Washington about a “humanitarian catastrophe” if a ground offensive begins to free entrapped civilians.

Orchestrated anti-Assad demonstrations have been ongoing in parts of occupied Idlib, especially in Idlib city and Maarrat al-Nu’man.

They’re much like staged anti-Assad ones in early 2011 – US-supported terrorist groups involved in what’s going on.

It’s an attempt to pretend entrapped Idlib civilians oppose liberation they strongly yearn for – CIA dirty hands, Britain’s MI6 and Turkish intelligence likely orchestrating things.

Turkish and terrorists’ flags are prominently featured, masked jihadists involved. Phony sentiment banners read “The rebels (aka US-supported cutthroat killer jihadists) are our hope.”

“Turks are our brothers.” “The terrorists are Bashar, Hezbollah and Russia.” Scoundrel media reports pretend what’s going is genuine anti-Assad sentiment. Polar opposite is true throughout the country.

Numbers involved are many fewer than what’s reported, Al Jazeera a lead anti-Assad propagandists throughout the war, including on the staged demonstrations, saying:

“Thousands of people (in Idlib oppose a liberating) offensive by government forces and their allies.”

Virtually all civilians held prisoners by US-supported terrorists yearn for Syrian troops to free them from captivity.

So-called “activists” Al Jazeera cited and quoted were cutthroat killer jihadists, pretending to be ordinary Idlib civilians.

Throughout US-led war in Syria, Al Jazeera’s reporting has been some of the most one-sided and distorted, supporting naked aggression and US-backed terrorists, falsely called “rebels,” opposition forces, and the Free Syrian Army, failing to denounce their sinister agenda.

According to SouthFront, Idlib “rallies were organized by (terrorists infesting the) Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army…local committees linked to (it),” and al-Nusra jihadists, adding:

They’re “part of…Turkish (and allied) propaganda,” opposing Idlib’s liberation.

Freeing the province from US-supported terrorists is key to restoring peace and stability Syria.

So is ending illegal occupation by Washington and its imperial partners in high crimes.

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