Sergey Lavrov’s Remarks on Diplomats’ Day

Sergey Lavrov’s Remarks on Diplomats’ Day

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Diplomats’ Day marks four centuries of Russian diplomacy.

Earlier on this day, Lavrov expressed concern about wars and chaos in parts of the world, explaining Russia’s role in promoting peace and stability “based on the firm foundations of international law,” along with promoting “democratic values in international relations.”

Addressing Russia’s diplomatic staff and guests last week, he quoted Putin’s remarks to current and retired Foreign Ministry members, saying:

“There are many brilliant victories in the centuries-long history of Russian diplomacy and outstanding people who are the pride of the nation. The current Foreign Ministry staff continues to protect the country’s interests based on the good traditions of the past.”

“The central apparatus and foreign offices of the Foreign Ministry are dealing with formidable challenges connected with the development of truly equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation with” other nations.

Putin stressed the importance of pursuing mutual cooperation and efforts to promote world peace, enormous challenges remaining to be overcome.

Lavrov highlighted the “increasingly unstable…global condition,” explaining Western efforts “to maintain…domination…hinder the objective development of a new polycentric world order and the rise of new global centers, including Russia,” adding: 

“The conspicuous anti-Russia campaign, which Washington has initiated, has acquired a truly unprecedented scale. It is designed to reduce Russia to the state of a puppet.”

It won’t succeed, Lavrov stressed. “Russia won’t be isolated or forced to forgo its principles, and attempts to solve one’s problems at Russia’s expense will run aground.” 

“We have faced many external challenges in our history, but we have dealt with all of them successfully with active contribution from the country’s diplomatic service. And this is how it will be in the future as well.”

Hopefully he’s right. Longstanding US policy aims for regime change in Russia and all other sovereign independent countries, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing their governance – wars and color revolutions its favored strategies.

Russia is a key player on the world stage, allied with China a powerful challenge to US aims for global dominance.

Lavrov called his country “one of the main guarantors of global stability and a country upholding the values of truth and justice in international affairs.”

Russia’s efforts for world peace and stability can’t succeed without forcefully challenging America’s rage for domination.

Diplomacy with hegemons doesn’t work. It failed with Hitler. Appeasing him encouraged greater belligerence.

The same holds for Washington and Israel. The only language they understand is force, diplomacy futile when tried.

Russia is “ready to cooperate with all countries without exception, based on equality, mutual benefit and a balance of interests,” Lavrov explained.

Washington, Israel and their rogue allies operate by a different standard – their rules, flagrantly violating international law.

US-led endless wars and turbulence continue. Failure to challenge them risks catastrophic nuclear war.

Diplomacy hasn’t deterred them. Good faith isn’t enough to curb hegemonic recklessness. It consistently fails to stop America’s rage for wars and dominance.

Bullies must be challenged the only way they understand – forcefully to prevent greater war able end us all.

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