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Members, please browse through the support resources before contacting support.

Technical Support

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Common Issues

Text is too small!

Press CTRL + to increase text site

I never received my registration email

WordPress emails commonly get flagged as spam.  Add to your whitelist.  This website will never email you marketing offers or give your email to any 3rd party.  You will only be contacted for site requests (such as registration issues or changing of your password).

Video is deleted or not working

Please report the video issue to support with the below form and it will be fixed, or removed.

Website is slow

We’ve optimized the site for maximum speed.  Some content such as videos and images may take more time to load.  To improve site performance you can optimize your browser by clearing the cache and disabling plugins.  Internal testing shows the site as 70% – 90% faster than all websites (see Pingdom test).  If you feel there is some issue with the site please contact support.

For security reasons the site is hosted in Malta.

Contact Support

For support question, please contact Vector Informatics at