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Secure Communications

Internet usage habits should be reconsidered in light of recent security scandal.  Assume that any information not encrypted is being viewed by some government or corporation.

Secure Browsing – The best secure browser is the Tor browser, which comes as a security bundle.  Get the Tor browser bundle.

If you like Google Chrome, SR Ware makes a secure chrome called “Iron” visit SRWare Iron page.

Secure Chat – There are many secure chat applications.  GIH has selected RetroShare for a few reasons.  1) It’s peer to peer, which means that anyone you don’t share your PGP key with doesn’t even know you exist.  This is better than anonymous security.  2) It includes voice 3) It is open source (free)  Retroshare main page for download   Android app *Beta*

Secure Email – Any email can be secured with a digital certificate.  Get one here free from our partner EES.  Avoid using large free services such as gmail and yahoo.  Install the digital certificate and then encrypt outgoing emails – you will need to exchange certificates with anyone you want to send and receive secure emails with.

If you would like to setup a secure email use

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If you don’t know – ask!  Global Intel Hub is an intelligence portal with a huge amount of information.  If you are interested in researching something, ask us via skype, email, or contact form.

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