Mattis to be Replaced as Trump Regime War Secretary?

Mattis to be Replaced as Trump Regime War Secretary?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Media reported leaks suggest he could be replaced by someone more hawkish – much like Pompeo and Bolton replaced Tillerson at State and McMaster as national security advisor respectively.

According to the neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post last week, speculation about “Mattis’ potential departure has intensified” – after he was quoted saying Trump “act(s) like – and ha(s) the understanding of – a fifth or sixth grader” – a remark he denied making.

Rex Tillerson reportedly calling Trump a “moron” privately and not being hawkish enough may have led to his sacking last March.

When it comes to affairs of state, real estate businessman/Reality TV president Trump is out of his element, a geopolitical know-nothing, Fox News disinformation influencing his thinking.

According to WaPo, Mattis may depart on his own after completing two years as Trump’s war secretary, adding:

DJT “has every reason to wonder what Mattis is saying behind his back. The relationship has nowhere to go but down, fast” – perhaps forcing him out.

On Saturday, the NYT said earlier dinner burger meetings with Trump in the White House residence are no longer being held, adding:

Unnamed “congressional and current and former Defense Department officials…paint a portrait of a president who has soured on his defense secretary, weary of unfavorable comparisons to Mr. Mattis as the adult in the room…”

The Times, WaPo, and most other media scoundrels are militantly anti-Trump for defeating media darling Hillary, along with pursuing improved US relations with Russia and North Korea they oppose – ignoring his high crimes of war and against humanity, extreme corporate favoritism, one-sided support for Israel, and contempt for fundamental Palestinian rights.

Ahead of Trump’s JCPOA pullout, Mattis opposed withdrawal, telling Senate Armed Services Committee members its provisions assure “robust” oversight over Iran’s nuclear program.

Tillerson and McMaster supported the deal. Hawkish extremists replaced them. Will Mattis be next to go? He’s less hawkish on Syria than Trump regime hardliners.

He’s concerned about not “drawing Russia and Iran into a deeper confrontation with the United States in a country where all three have forces on the ground.” 

Earlier as CENTCOM commander, he said America pays a price for its one-sided support for Israel, alienating the country from more moderate Arab states.

Possible replacements include Iranophobe retired general Jack Keane, Senators Tom Cotton or Lindsey Graham – all three notorious neocon extremists.

When asked about the status of Mattis last week by reporters, Trump said “(h)e’ll stay right here. We’re very happy with him. We’re having victories people don’t even know about.” 

According to Pentagon press secretary Dana White, “there’s no daylight between the secretary and the president when it comes to the unwavering support of our military. It’s up to the president of the United States to decide what he wants to do.”

The Trump regime already is the most dangerously hardline in US history. Replacing Mattis with someone more extremist will drive another nail in the coffin of world peace and stability.

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