Israel Arrests Palestinians for the Crime of Journalism

Israel Arrests Palestinians for the Crime of Journalism

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

In August alone, Israeli forces arrested seven Palestinians for the crime of journalism.

Addressing what goes on all the time in the Occupied Territories, the Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms (MADA) said it communicated with UN special rapporteurs three times to no avail, adding:

Attacks on Palestinian journalists and media outlets “range from killing, deliberately targeting them with live ammunition, prevention of coverage, threatening and detaining journalists, shutting down media outlets TVs, radio stations confiscation and destruction of equipment, besides, (as well as) forc(ing) them to abandon their careers due to the physical or psychological consequences of the attacks.

Israel aims to silence Palestinian journalists to prevent disclosure and criticism of its ruthless actions.

Since August 1, Israeli forces unlawfully detained seven Palestinian journalists and cameramen, holding them uncharged, wanting them and others silenced.

Palestine TV journalist Ali Dar Ali is the latest victim of Israeli viciousness, arrested on August 15 when Israeli forces stormed his home north of Ramallah pre-dawn – detaining him for the crime of journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

An IDF spokesman falsely accused him of inciting violence for videotaping and live-streaming soldiers “while they were operating.”

In early August, Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) Middle East and North Africa coordinator Sherif Mansour said the following:

“Israel has been relentless in its (unlawful) assault on the Palestinian press.”

“Declaring a media outlet a terrorist organization set the tone for the country’s latest crackdown on Palestinian journalists.” 

“We call on Israeli authorities to disclose charges against the seven journalists arrested over the past week or release them and allow them to work freely.”

A Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation statement said “(t)hese measures are intended to silence the Palestinian voice and deviate the public opinion, so the Israeli regime can go ahead with its crimes without any opposition.”

Israel considers truth-telling journalism exposing its lawless actions terrorism and/or  incitement of violence.

Palestinians daring to expose Israeli high crimes face extrajudicial arrest and imprisonment – or cold-blooded murder to silence them.

Women are abused like men, some assaulted sexually. Military censorship prohibits publishing information about Israeli high crimes against peace.

Jewish journalists also risk mistreatment if expose what the IDF wants concealed. 

Thousands of Palestinians languish as political prisoners under hellish gulag conditions.

The world community is largely silent, supporting Israel instead of demanding it be held accountable for its high crimes.

On August 17, Israel’s Ofer military court extended Ali Dar Ali’s lawless detention for further harsh interrogation and brutal treatment.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs Committee, at least 20 Palestinian journalists are unlawfully detained in Israeli prisons for doing their jobs responsibly.

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