Hysteria in UK Over Former Russian Spy’s Poisoning

Hysteria in UK Over Former Russian Spy’s Poisoning

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Clearly, the Kremlin had nothing to do with poisoning its former spy/double agent Sergey Skripal with an alleged novichok nerve agent.

The toxin was developed decades ago in the Soviet Union, easily duplicated today by any nation (including Britain), group or individual with technical know-how.

Sources responsible for criminal actions don’t willfully leave behind fingerprints for east ID. Targeting Skripal with an alleged toxin developed by the Soviet Union clearly wanted Russia blamed for what happened – despite no evidence proving.

The accusation against the Kremlin is as baseless as phony claims of Russia US election meddling.

Screaming media headlines and reports convince most people for what makes no sense. 

Believe none of it. The Skripal incident is part of ratcheting up Russia bashing – raging in America, Britain and other Western countries.

UK media are as deplorable as America’s. London’s Guardian said the (alleged) toxin used to poison Skripal “means Vladimir Putin and his FSB spy agency have probably sought to engineer a confrontation with the UK. Why now?”

“The most obvious answer is Sunday’s presidential election.” The broadsheet ludicrously claimed the incident is a way to increase voter turnout – shamefully adding: 

It’s to make “the poll look authentic, even if it isn’t…(A) row with London can do Putin no harm,” especially among his faithful.

Russian elections are scrupulously open, free and fair, shaming America’s sham process. Responsible editors wouldn’t touch the above rubbish.

UK media highlighted Nikolai Glushkov’s death in London days after Skripal’s poisoning. He was associated with deceased Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. 

British police said the unexplained death isn’t linked to the Skripal incident. It didn’t stop UK media from suggesting otherwise.

Irresponsible headlines like “Putin enemy found dead in London eight days after Skripal poisoning…(London Telegraph)” and “Russian associate of leading Putin critic Boris Berezovsky found dead in Britain (The Independent)” drown out ones like Reuters saying “Police say death of man in London not linked to Skripal poisoning.”

UK hysteria over the Skripal incident is so heightened it got NATO to issue a statement, saying invoking “Article Five would be a disproportionate response to such an incident.”

Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more NATO members an attack against all, adding collective self-defense is called for.

The NATO statement added “(w)ith a high degree of probability, one should expect the NATO Council will hold security consultations under Article Four…”

It calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

Despite hysteria and hype in Britain over the Skripal incident, the UK’s only threats are invented ones – no others, notably not from Russia or any other sovereign independent nation.

On Wednesday, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “Moscow’s stance is well-known. London was told about Moscow’s position through diplomatic channels.” 

“Moscow has no connection to the (Skripal) incident that took place in the United Kingdom.”

“Moscow won’t accept absolutely unfounded accusations against it, which are not substantiated by any evidence, and won’t accept the language of ultimatum.”

Peskov urged reporters to “stay sober (and) not succumb to emotions and lies.”

Before Wednesday’s announcement during parliamentary debate, the London Independent said “Theresa May is drawing up plans for an ‘economic war’ with Vladimir Putin and his allies after Moscow refused to explain how a deadly Russian nerve agent came to be used in a rural British city.”

Measures may include asset freezes and seizures, along with visa bans.

May ordered the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats given 7 days to leave, along with urging other nations to take similar actions – on top of illegal sanctions on Moscow already in place.

During Wednesday debate in parliament, May shamefully accused Russia of attempted murder – a disgraceful perversion of truth.

She suspended high-level engagement with Russia. Sergey Lavrov’s invitation to London was cancelled. UK officials and royal family members won’t visit Russia during this year’s FIFA World Cup.

May vowed enactment of new legislative powers against “hostile state activity,” along with new counter-espionage powers.

Moscow won’t let these hostile actions go unanswered. May’s unacceptably hostile accusations barely stopped short of severing bilateral relations.

No evidence links Russia to Skripal’s poisoning. May cited none earlier or during Wednesday’s debate.

Britain called for an emergency Security Council meeting on the Skripal incident. A Thursday NATO meeting is scheduled to discuss it.

Russia’s ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko angrily said “(e)verything that is done today by the British government is absolutely unacceptable and we consider this a provocation.”

Expect further hostile measures to follow. May’s actions risk irreparable damage to bilateral relations.

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