Horrific Example of Israeli Occupation Harshness

Horrific Example of Israeli Occupation Harshness

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Decades of Israeli high crimes against Palestinians could fill volumes.

I’ve written about many of them. Here’s another. On June 14, 2015, Israeli soldiers invaded Kafr Malek village near Ramallah pre-dawn.

They terrorized residents and shot 22-year-old Abdullah Eyad Ghanayem from behind in his lower spine, then crushed him to death beneath a flipped over jeep.

Soldiers accused him of stone-throwing, chased him, a defenseless young man, shooting him from behind with live fire.

After crushing him with their jeep, it flipped over atop his seriously wounded body, leaving him there unattended for hours, letting him painfully bleed to death – preventing medical rescue teams from helping him.

Eyewitnesses said Ghanayem was standing calmly near his home while soldiers chased other youths. After he was shot, stone-throwing began.

He was a former political prisoner, released in March 2014, perhaps why he was shot and killed – one of countless examples of cold-blooded Israeli murders.

The IDF sued Ghanayem’s family for damages to the jeep responsible for crushing their severely wounded son to death.

Hard to believe? It’s true. Israel’s military demands payment of nearly $25,000 in damages to the vehicle.

The family has a choice – pay up or face harsh recrimination, their home likely bulldozed, their members perhaps arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

Or maybe they’ll be shot from behind, severely wounded, crushed another a military vehicle, and left unattended to painfully bleed to death. 

Israeli viciousness has no limits.

Its high crimes against Palestinians are longstanding, ongoing for over 70 years. 

They’re oppressed the way Nazis mistreated Jews – horrific persecution and slow-motion genocide instead of industrial scale.

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