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What is ‘news’ ?  Users are changing the way they process information.  Mainstream sources are declining in quality and becoming biased.  Global Intel Hub is online, objective, non-partisan, non-biased, open-source, free-thinking!  With a focus on business and global intelligence, Global Intel Hub strives to be an internet destination for news and information.  We host reference materials here, and provide tools to do your own research.

History of Global Intel Hub

It’s no secret, we’re from the financial business.  On days when we’re trading, we search the far corners of the internet for pieces of information lacking on financial channels such as FT, Bloomberg, Zero Hedge, CNBC, and others.  Also we had the idea to sell information as a service to clients, known as ‘information brokerage’ – you can see the document we made about it here:  Information Brokerage Service

The 2016 US Presidential Election changed the US media forever.  It started a number of irreversible demographic shifts that, will likely result in the closure of major news organizations; and the creation of others.  A number of factors contributed to this, but most notably, the CIA involved itself in domestic politics for the first time, on a number of levels.  The information war usually fought to topple foreign dictators, or create the Arab Spring, was being waged for the votes of US Citizens on US Soil. This is significant for a number of reasons, most importantly – the CIA and the intelligence establishment itself has developed a number of cyber and information warfare tools designed to manipulate the populace during a conflict.  Bluntly, they are the most well funded, trained, and organized group in the world, there is no comparison.  They are better than news agencies, generations beyond their foreign counterparts and most alarming – not for profit.  News agencies that create news stories out of nothing, that dramatize the old grandpa that couldn’t get his car out of the snow-packed road and was stuck; that turn a shortage of water in Wal-Mart into a national crisis “We’re following this story for you.. stay tuned” – they do it for profit.  Dirt sells, viewers like drama, they like disasters, wars, tornadoes, human tragedy.  Unfortunately.  But at least you know where they stand – they want to make money!  For better or worse, the profit incentive eliminates conflict of interest – it allows any to see their clear motive: profit.  When a powerful agency that has vast capabilities such as the CIA, which doesn’t operate for profit, gets involved in domestic politics – what implications does that have for the political system?  For the internet?  For the quality of information?  For society?

Certainly this is not to call out a single organization as the catalyst for the paradigm shift – the CIA simply provides the best example because of the reasons outlined above.  The paradigm shift was in fact caused by a popular uprising of common folk from a number of backgrounds fed up with the politicians and the system’s lack of function in general.  The system has been broken and running on fumes for some time, folks were fed up with the Establishment and their running of society.  As Nassim Taleb explained in a recent interview, if we had a different Elite, that had a different world view and management agenda, we wouldn’t have what we have now:

Well, with Trump, Modi, Brexit, and now France, there are some similar problems in those countries. What you are hearing is people getting fed up with the ruling class. This is not fascism. It has nothing to do with fascism. It has to do with the faux-experts problem and a world with too many experts. If we had a different elite, we may not see the same problem.

This may seem tautological but the reality of why the paradigm shift happened is really simple, it doesn’t take a degree in political science to understand that people were fed up with their owners.  You can mistreat some of the people some of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.  And for 20 years, there wasn’t any positive developments in American society, except the High Net Worth class became the Ultra High Net Worth class.  Another example of the paradigm shift is how users have been getting their information online – namely, not from news sources, but from social media, like Facebook.  This deserves a topic just by itself, in our case Facebook has a ‘news feed’ which picks ‘news’ from ‘sources’ – mixing the traditional’s like CNN with ‘fake news’ as they’re calling it.  The mainstream media, including Facebook, is heavily influenced by the CIA and government in general.  Combined with the huge dollars involved in influencing public opinion – for the election – this created an information disaster.  Everyone was compromised, everything was tainted.  News organizations were blatantly political – objective ‘journalism’ was thrown out the window.  Now, it’s hard to tell if a news organization runs a story to run a story, or to help deal with the psychological damage done to their fragile egos.  The point is – where can one ‘go’ to find unique, unbiased, objective information now, post election?

To complicate matters for traders, Trump has created a phenomenon by being the first US President to influence markets in real time with Tweets.  Here’s another element of information – a new source – that didn’t exist before.  On top of the “Trump Call” as some are calling it, news agencies that report on markets are largely anti-Trump, making the information flow polluted, diluted, and full of biases.

Global Intel Hub plans to capture this moment in time, during this information paradigm shift, and establish ourselves as an intelligence network – independent, objective, unbiased.  We’re pro-fact, pro-freedom, pro-markets.  That means we’re agnostic, apolitical, and do not have a manifesto.  We do not wear hats!  Join us, follow us, read us – www.globalintelhub.com

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