The Fantasy of Eased Tensions and Misery in Gaza

The Fantasy of Eased Tensions and Misery in Gaza

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A previous article discussed falsely reported scenarios about Gaza – NYT and WSJ propaganda, pretending virtual war zone/humanitarian crisis conditions eased – far from it, I explained.

In mid-2007, Israel blockaded Gaza for political reasons. Alleged security ones don’t exist. Hamas and two million Gazans pose no threat to Israel – nor any other Palestinian.

The Jewish state poses a major threat to all Palestinians and neighboring countries Syria and Lebanon. It’s partnered in all US wars of aggression.

It treats its near 1.7 million Arab citizens (over 20% of the population) as fifth column threats – despite nothing of the kind existing.

Apartheid ruthlessness is official Israeli policy. Internal along with regional stability and peace are notions the Jewish state, Washington, and its key NATO partners abhor.

Dominant US media one-sidedly support Israel, dismissive of fundamental Palestinian rights. Over the weekend, the NYT lied claiming “Israel is…easing (its Gaza) blockade,” aiming to “restore calm…and avert another war.”

In a similar weekend report, the Wall Street Journal lied, saying “(d)ire humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip are showing signs of easing, as Israel and Hamas lower tensions and look for a long-term deal to calm violence.”

Both broadsheets have egg on their face. Overnight Sunday, Israeli commandos covertly entered Gaza.

They murdered seven Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades members of Hamas’ armed wing – established for security, not aggression, one Israeli special forces member killed during the incident, another seriously wounded, according to Israeli and Palestinian media.

Israeli military intelligence connected DEBKAfile said “(a)n IDF lieutenant-colonel and another officer were killed,” adding a “massive aerial bombardment” aided their mission.

Other Palestinians were killed and wounded during the incident, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

The raid was all about continuing violence on the Strip, wanting any prospect for eased tensions and stability prevented despite phony claims otherwise.

Overnight Israeli terror-bombing of southern Gaza sites created greater turmoil and destruction – Palestinians in the Strip living in a constant state of fear.

According to local sources, the raid aimed to abduct al-Qassam fighters, wanting them held hostage as bargaining chips.

The al-Quds News Agency said undercover Israeli commandos were driving a Volkswagen car. Al-Qassam Brigade members stopped it in Abasan al-Kabeera – asked its passengers to step out and show their ID cards.

Israeli soldiers then opened fire, realizing their cover was blown. Several wore veils, pretending to be women.

IDF forces on the ground reportedly fired shells cross-border at Gazans pursuing the commandos in their vehicle. According to the al-Qassem Brigades, one of its senior leaders was killed during the incident.

A statement said “resistance in Gaza will continue to defend the Palestinian people,” vowing “the enemy will pay a heavy price for its crime.”

Separately, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said “what the resistance is doing in Gaza is honorable and brave, proving its readiness to perform its national duties, and defend the people.”

On Monday, the Netanyahu regime said it’s significantly increasing its military force strength along the Gaza/Israeli border.

IDF chief of staff General Gadi Eisenkot lied, claiming the overnight operation in Gaza was “important to Israel’s security.”

It was all about maintaining an undeclared war on the Strip, likely indicating further Israel violence ahead.

In its Monday edition, the WSJ reported nothing about the overnight incident. A NYT report claimed it “threatens a (nonexistent) nascent cease-fire.”

It lied saying what happened was “the first known Israeli ground incursion into Gaza since Operation Protective Edge, in July 2014.”

They’ve been repeated cross-border ground operations and terror-bombing incidents, mostly harming civilians. Unlike others, the overnight one was supposed to be covert.

Things didn’t go as planned – other than assuring continued Israeli violence won’t end.

The Times lied saying “efforts to calm the Israel-Gaza border…appeared to be bearing fruit.” No such efforts exist.

Former Gazan health minister Basem Naim said the overnight incident “showed clearly that the situation here is very fragile,” another Israeli war very possible.

Israeli media reported that thousands turned out to mourn the senior IDF officer killed.

Who mourns for tens of thousands of Palestinians murdered by Israeli ruthlessness, along with other forms of state-sponsored brutality?

It’s been going on without letup since before Israel’s 1947-48 war of aggression, stealing historic Palestine – with full US-led Western support and encouragement.

What happened overnight Sunday into Monday in Gaza was clearly an Israeli provocation – like countless others earlier.

Each time they happen, Hamas and/or other Palestinians are wrongfully blamed for Israeli aggression and other forms of state terrorism.

Virtually always, Israel is the aggressor, Palestinians the victims, the world community doing nothing to protect them from Jewish state apartheid viciousness.

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