US to Declare Venezuelan Presidential Election Invalid if Maduro Wins

US to Declare Venezuelan Presidential Election Invalid if Maduro Wins

by Stephen Lendman

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, money-controlled elections farcical when held.

Venezuelans have the real thing, its electoral process scrupulously open, free and fair, shaming America’s sham system.

The war party with two right wings wins every time. Voters have no say over how America is governed, their rights and welfare abandoned, privileged interests alone served.

Washington failed to criticize Sisi’s March reanointment as Egypt’s president, running virtually unopposed.

Nor are US officials bothered by no elections in Saudi Arabia and other monarchal dictatorships America supports.

On May 20, President Nicolas Maduro is favored to be reelected. He’s challenged by Chavista turncoat Henri Falcon and businessman/evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci – linked to the Panama Papers tax haven  scandal by an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists probe into his affairs.

Washington opposes democracy at home and abroad, supporting a rogue’s gallery of fascist despots in numerous countries, bowing to its will, backing its imperial agenda, ignoring its war on humanity, taking millions of lives.

The Trump administration slammed Venezuela’s May presidential election. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert turned truth on its head, calling the process “illegitimate…not reflect(ing) the will of the Venezuelan people” – if Maduro wins. 

At last week’s Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, a joint 16-nation right-wing Lima Group declaration, together with Washington, called Venezuela’s presidential election “void of legitimacy and credibility” if conducted under current conditions – meaning if Maduro is democratically reelected.

Uninvited to the summit, he refused to attend anyway, “stay(ing) at home with the Venezuelan people,” he said. 

At a Caracas rally, he called the sham gathering an imperial “failure,” highlighted by “empty speeches by right-wing, unpopular, murderous, imperialist lackey presidents,” adding:

“The Lima Summit was the beginning of the end of the Summit of the Americas,” its legitimacy lost.

He called proceedings the beginning of an international scheme to sabotage Venezuela’s presidential election, saying he’ll present evidence backing his accusation.

Mike Pence represented Washington at the gathering. Trump stayed home, focusing on terror-bombing Syria, together with rogue partners Britain and France.

Maduro condemned the aggression, saying it “(v)iol(ated) international law… to inflict panic and terrorism on Syrians and destroy scientific centers. There has been powerful global revulsion around the planet.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales blasted summit hypocrisy, exposing “the false fight against corruption (while allying with US efforts) to topple democratically elected governments” like Venezuela and Syria.

Cuba’s delegation walked out of the summit ahead of OAS secretary general Luis Almagro’s address, a notorious US puppet, hostile to the island state and Venezuelan social democracy.

Maduro heads toward reelection on May 20. Will Washington stage another coup attempt to topple him – or maybe something more aggressive with neocon extremists Bolton and Pompeo swaying Trump go full-throttle for regime change.

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