Ukraine: Can the US save face from a fact-free zone of its own creation?

The Americans are finding out the hard way that a fact-free zone is not a comfortable place to inhabit. The initial knee-jerk allegations, voiced by Obama, by the screechy UN representative Samantha Power, by John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and any number of talking heads, were that the downing of flight MH17 was all Putin’s fault. […]

On Dominoes, WMDs And Putin’s “Aggression”: Imperial Washington Is Intoxicated By Another Big Lie

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Imperial Washington is truly running amuck in its insensible confrontation with Vladimir Putin. The pending round of new sanctions is a counter-productive joke. Apparently, more of Vlad’s posse will be put on double probation, thereby reducing demand for Harry Macklowe’s swell new $60 million apartment units on Park Avenue. Likewise, American exporters of […]

US May Send Military Aid To Ukraine; Accuses Russia Of Violating Nuclear Arms Treaty With ICBM Launch

If the specter of the second cold war descending into outright smoldering status doesn’t send the S&P promptly to all time highs, nothing will. Moments ago the White House accused Russia of violating the 1987 missile treaty, in response to a still unspecified ICBM launch, calling the “breach” a “very serious matter.” From Reuters: In […]

On Washington’s Ukrainian Fiasco: “Who Is The Real Problem Here?”

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, In just 800 words Pat Buchanan exposes the sheer juvenile delinquency embodied in Washington’s current Ukrainian fiasco. He accomplishes this by reminding us of the sober restraint that governed the actions of American Presidents from FDR to Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush I with respect to Eastern Europe during far more perilous times. In a word, as much […]

Asymmetric Warfare: MH17 False-Flag Terror and the ‘War’ on Gaza

When MH370 vanished into thin air on March 8th this year, an international search-and-rescue party scanned two of the world’s oceans, pored over satellite images and radar readings, and consulted automated communication relays between parts of the plane and their manufacturers that monitor aircraft system performance in real-time. Despite these multiple layers of hi-tech monitoring […]

It’s Time For The BRICS To Act To Counter US Destabilization Efforts

Submitted by Ben Tanosborn of, It had to happen!  The blame game on that horrendous airline incident, Malaysian Flight MH17, has reached the expected loud monotone of pointing fault, lock, stock and barrel at Russia… and, more specifically, to that villain ex-KGB Slav, Vladimir Putin. US media barrage of grotesque and obscene propaganda against America’s former foe […]

Mapping Europe’s Mutually Assured Economic Destruction As EU Plans More Sanctions

With senior German officials expecting discussions among leaders at the EU Summit to solely focused on a second round of sanctions against Russia (and warnings that they “must avoid a spiral of sanctions”), we thought it worth drilling down on just how mutually-dependent the two regions are. As Acting-Man’s Pater Tenebrarum notes [10], the following infographics suggest tit-for-tat sanctions […]

Ukraine Announces Joint US Military Exercises As Obama Rules Out “Military Incursion” – Recap Of The Day’s Events

With the story of the day undoubtedly Yellen’s first (bungled) press conference, it was easy to forget that the second coming of the Cold War is raging in the Ukraine. For those curious what they may have missed, here is a summary of the major events that took place in the troubled country this afternoon. […]

Russia Examines Its Options for Responding to Ukraine

By George Friedman The fall of the Ukrainian government and its replacement with one that appears to be oriented toward the West represents a major defeat for the Russian Federation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia accepted the reality that the former Eastern European satellite states would be absorbed into the Western economic and political systems. Moscow […]

Putin is shaping events in Ukraine. It’s time the west caught up

One of the alarming features of the crisis on Ukraine‘s Crimean peninsula is the staggering confidence with which Vladimir Putin is pursuing his agenda there and in eastern Ukraine. In quick order, Russian troops from the Black Sea fleet – as it has now been acknowledged by the pro-Russian prime minister of Crimea – have seized airports and […]

EPA fraud casts doubt on institutional approach towards social management

Another government fraud doesn’t seem surprising, but we should look closer at this recent employee of the EPA; in fact their highest paid employee, who was thought to be an expert on climate change.  He was a liar, embezzler, and overall bad employee, according to his lawyer, he didn’t work for periods of 18 months. […]

Hearing: Security Flaws in Obamacare Website Endanger Americans

  A panel of IT experts recommended that Americans do not use the website due to security flaws that could lead to identity theft or worse.  The experts said they’ve ‘never seen anything like it’ and that it would be easy for a hacker with basic knowledge to break into the site, stealing private […]

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) secret negotiations document released

Wikileaks released today a previously secret document outlining what would be the largest economic treaty ever.  From their press release: Today, 13 November 2013, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent […]

Russian lawmaker proposes banning US Dollar

In a shot across the bow, a Russian lawmaker has proposed a bill making it illegal to posses US Dollars in Russia, including US Dollar denominated bank accounts.  Russian citizens would be able to utilize US Dollars while abroad, and operations could still be engaged by the central bank.  From the Washington Times: MOSCOW — […]

Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.”

5,000 civilians have been killed by police since 9/11 which is about the number of soldiers killed in the Iraq war.  Domestic police forces in the US are looking more and more like paramilitary units, by acquiring used military weapons and gear, from M-16 rifles to armored vehicles.  Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role […]

How China can kill the US Dollar and standard of living for Americans

China has surpassed the US economy on several key measures: China is the largest trading country in the world, the largest importer of oil, and has the fastest growing economy. So why should the rest of the planet listen to China? Well, China now accounts for more global trade [40] than anyone else does, including […]

Congress Sells Out To Wall Street, Again

The U.S. House just passed a bill called H.R. 992 – the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act – that was literally written by mega-bank lobbyists. It repeals the laws passed in 2010 to prevent another meltdown like the one that crashed our economy in 2008. The repeal was co-sponsored by a former Goldman Sachs executive and […]

NSA German post revealed to be the US Embassy

According to SPIEGEL research, United States intelligence agencies have not only targeted Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone, but they have also used the American Embassy in Berlin as a listening station. The revelations now pose a serious threat to German-American relations. Read full article It’s not new that there are ties between diplomatic posts and […]

NSA spied on French Diplomats

French news organization Le Monde obtained internal memos from the US National Security Agency (NSA) detailing a program known as “Genie” costing the US Taxpayer $652 Million US Dollars. A document dated August 2010 suggests intelligence stolen from foreign embassy computers ensured the US knew ahead of time the positions of other Security Council members, […]

Congress eliminates debt ceiling with HR2775

Intentionally or not, HR2775 passed late last night provides the US Treasury with the authority to ‘suspend’ the debt ceiling to avoid a default if the situation should arise.  This has been picked up by a small amount of journalists and market participants.  The NY Times notes: Did Congress just accidentally kill the debt ceiling? […]