Emerging market chaos hits stock markets and currencies

GIH: Political instability, and nervous investors sparked market chaos today, that impacted stock markets and emerging market currencies.  Take a look at the Daily USD/TRY chart: Last 2 days we’ve seen an acceleration in selling of the Turkish Lira, with their central bank currently refusing to cut interest rates.  Real money flows move the Forex […]

Death to Forex

The Forex market is dead and dying, in parallel with the US economy; which is fitting, considering the US is still the world reserve currency. Significant harbingers that have changed the Forex market forever: Dodd Frank has killed/consolidated retail Forex in the US (significant because the US is the world reserve currency), leaving less than […]

Transcript of Kissinger Economic Policy Meeting

The below recently declassified transcript of an internal meeting between Kissinger and his advisers shows an alarming degree of incompetence from all sides.  Remember, this was during a period of great economic turmoil, after the Nixon Shock, and the infancy of the modern Forex market as we know it. There are those who believe in […]

Modern Institutional Decay

What has happened to our institutions? The trend of the modern institutionalization of our system began in the late 19th century, but didn’t gain worldwide support until the early 20th century. It reached its peak after World War 2, when the feeling was that global institutions could stave off further bloody conflicts. Without WW2, establishing […]

Spot FX manipulation data

Due to the spotlight being shined on large banks accused of manipulating the Forex market, traders are noticing and recording ‘odd’ events that would be too much of a coincidence to happen by chance.  An anonymous Zero Hedge author notes: With regulators finally catching on that banks are manipulating every asset class, the largest of […]

The Forex Paradox – Is Forex a net loser?

The Forex market is the largest in the world and the least understood.  Since the late 90’s, traders and asset managers have flocked to it as an alternative to trade, compared to other common markets (Stocks, Bonds, Futures). But due to the fact that the market is decentralized, and unregulated, it also attracted a large […]

Bitcoin hits record high, attracts attention of US lawmakers

Bitcoin was thought to be dead and dying after a series of attacks to the Tor network, and the shutdown of the site “Silk Road” a site where users could purchase anything illicit from drugs to fake passports.  But since then Bitcoin has surged to record highs, attracting the attention of the US Senate which […]

How China can kill the US Dollar and standard of living for Americans

China has surpassed the US economy on several key measures: China is the largest trading country in the world, the largest importer of oil, and has the fastest growing economy. So why should the rest of the planet listen to China? Well, China now accounts for more global trade [40] than anyone else does, including […]

Goldman Sachs under investigation for Forex manipulation

Goldman Sachs is the latest Forex trading bank to be added to the list of banks being investigated for rigging of Forex rates used to price other derivatives, and for benchmarking purposes, known as the WM/Reuters rates.  However the investigation against Goldman Sachs also includes commodities, options, and technology systems.  Bloomberg reports: Goldman Sachs Group […]

US DOJ confirms criminal investigation into Forex manipulation

Just days after major Forex banks such as Deutche Bank, Rabobank, and others “The Usual Suspects” have been fined billions for a Libor fixing scandal, the US Department of Justice officially announced a criminal investigation into the fixing of Forex rates. Oct 29 (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the manipulation of foreign […]

Saudi Arabia begins end of Petro Dollar – shift away from US to China

One of the components keeping the US Dollar as a global reserve currency was the agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia to price oil in US Dollars.  As the regions largest producer, this caused other oil producers to follow suit, and forced customers to use USD if they wanted oil.  Of course this […]

RBS Said to Pass Currency Trader Chats to FCA Amid Probe

By Gavin Finch and Liam Vaughan – Oct 9, 2013 Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc has handed over records of instant messages to U.K. regulators after concluding a former currency trader’s communications with counterparts at other firms may have been inappropriate, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. The messages related to […]

First Ever High Frequency Trading Transaction Tax Introduced In Italy

Nearly four years after Zero Hedge first suggested an HFT tax should punish algos that “churned” quotes and blasted empty bids and offers to stimulate “momentum ignition [12]” strategies, and generally corrupt market structure in a way that lead to both the flash crash, the BATS IPO farce, the FaceBook IPO debacle and the Nasdaq 3 […]

Presenting The Numerous, Undisputed And Very Clear Signs That India’s Currency Was Set For An Epic Crash

Citizens of India have been watching, in stunned amazement, as over the past month the local currency has lost an unprecedented 15% of its value, with a record plunge taking place just last night [5]. And, as so often happens, the population habituated to a government “acting in its best interests” is asking itself – how could we […]

Trading Forex becomes complex

During the beginning years of the Forex market, trends developed that lasted months and years. Even recently, trends have developed even though they may have reversed. But when the Forex markets are subject to one speech by Ben Bernanke, or another Fed chairman, how is a trader to know when that will happen and how […]

Forex Broker Research

The best resources to learn about Forex brokers are independent review sites and blogs.  Forex brokers have setup websites and even entire networks of information that deliver biased information suggesting to use their platform.  Here are some great independent review sites and resources about Forex brokers: Forex Peace Army – The original Forex review site […]

How to hedge Argentinian Peso

Explanation of example hedge for Argentinian Peso [stream flv=x:/globalintelhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/usdarsweb1.swf img=x:/globalintelhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/globalintelhub1.jpg embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]