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EBIX down 10% nailed in complaint for breach of contract


6/25/2020 - - In what is building up to be one of the biggest frauds of the year, publicly traded Johns Creek, GA based EBIX has been named in a complaint accusing them of breach of contract of a merger agreement.  Readers can read the complaint here:

2020.06.17-Yatra Online, Inc. v. Ebix, inc. and Ebixcash Travels, inc. COMPL Public Redacted 2020-0444JRS (Del Chancery)

If this was the first such news it might be looked independently.  But EBIX has a history of being involved in such situations, and is being investigated by top securities class action firm Glancy Prongay & Murray.

If you google "EBIX fraud" you'll find lots of stories looking into various allegations, there is an overwhelming amount of information publicly available on this topic.  For example, Viceroy Research has published a short report on EBIX in 2018:

DECEMBER 13, 2018 – Ebix’s Mumbai office was “searched” by Indian tax authorities in Q3 2018. In other news, CEO Robin Raina claims Ebix has never “been on the wrong side of any regulatory or tax authority”.

The Taxman Cometh – Report Download Link

Viceroy released its preliminary report on Ebix – titled Goodwill Hunting – on 11 December 2017, the contents of which we also discussed at the Kase Learning conference in New York on December 3, 2018.

This report will address the totally inadequate response Ebix issued on December 12, 2018, which was substantially an attempt at authority bias by CEO Robin Raina. Accordingly, we will also shine a light on the statements Raina decided to include in this press release, which we believe to be extremely misleading.

  • Ebix acknowledged our report via a press release on December 12, 2018, however CEO Raina would rather issue a hollow press release than address the issues Viceroy have raised in our preceding report.
  • Robin Raina claims Ebix has “never been on the wrong side of any regulatory or tax authority”. This is inconsistent with:
    • Ebix’s Mumbai office being subject to an undisclosed “search” by Indian Tax Authorities for suspicion of tax evasion in late August 2018;
    • Ebix currently subject to a tax audit by the Australian Taxation office since at least 2016;
    • Ebix historically settling an IRS dispute for >$20m;
    • Ebix being subjected to a prolonged SEC investigation;
    • Ebix being subject to a possible ongoing DOJ investigation;
  • Contrary to Raina’s claims, it appears his conduct was subject to regulatory scrutiny even prior to his rise to CEO. Ebix’s former auditor, Arthur Anderson, was charged by the SEC for improper conduct and fraud relating to the audit of Ebix’s revenue recognition practices at a time where Raina was VP of Sales and Marketing and COO.
  • Robin Raina claims Ebix has had “no differences with any statutory or consolidated auditors across the world in the last two decades”. This is objectively, and verifiably false, as we have already reported.
  • Ebix detracts attention to concerns raised through reinforcement of its commitment to stock buybacks, of which it has announced US$330m since 2015 and only fulfilled US$187.169m.
  • Viceroy is writing to the relevant debt providers shortly with these and other material concerns.

Viceroy’s original report can be found here:

So EBIX being investigated for wrongdoing is not news, but this complaint alleging breach of contract is just a cherry on an already steaming pile of cow dung.

Already, in the last 24 hours since we have released our first article on EBIX issues the stock is down 10% - as this unravels there is no telling how far down EBIX can go.

What's the difference between a short trade and a long trade from an information perspective?  When you are long, you are betting on future events which are assumed.  When you are short, you are betting on known information (which is public) being understood by the markets.  In other words, you have truth on your side.  The downside of short selling of course is that it may take time for information to proliferate into the market, which is the risk of short selling.

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