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    The democratic party has become a sophisticated political machine similar to a modern corporation. They use tactics to elicit the empathy of their members, so they can achieve a goal while at the same time getting more voters. Let’s take an example; refugees from Muslim countries. Democrats will whip up bad feelings of guilt that we should ‘help people’ – because who can argue, that it’s bad to ‘help people’ ? No one.. But the fact is, the deeper point here, the reason there are refugees in places like Syria, is because of US involvement in foreign affairs, including but not limited to proxy wars, funding left wing political movements like Soros’ Open Society, in many cases directly training foreign leaders for their role as President of their country #2 and CIA asset #1. The democratic party knows well that these refugees coming to America in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, will all be voters in the next election for Democratic party, and they will have many children (paid for and raised by Democrat welfare programs) who will grow into adult voters for future Democrat candidates, probably from their part of the world. This tactic is not only clever, it’s something scientifically developed over a period of more than 50 years starting with the work of the good doctor Edward Bernays on behalf of corporate America. Many people see right through this, but many Democrats just believe in this dogma the party has created, based on twisted logic and ‘reports’ that they generate to prove their point. Yesterday on NPR I listened this garbage about how Obamacare is becoming more popular after the election. The election itself proved that the polling system in America doesn’t work. I hate Obamacare personally because of the problems I’ve had with my newborn son, for example, they needed proof of his citizenship when he was 2 days old and didn’t yet have a birth certificate.. it was a nightmare – anyway.. I would NEVER participate in a poll or bother to say how much I hate Obamacare, yet it’s becoming more ‘popular’. The method of polling is flawed – what it DOES do, VERY effectively, is influence public opinion. Unaware drivers listening to NPR not knowing that it’s a bunch of left wing propaganda will now have this ‘seed’ planted in their brains when they go to home and maybe will even tell a friend ‘you know what I heard on NPR.. Obamacare isn’t as unpopular as I thought – some people like it. I mean, if it wasn’t true – it wouldn’t be on the radio – right? WRONG! These are the petty tricks that high paid consulting firms like burson marsteller .com suggest to their clients like the Democratic Party. That’s why such studies get funded – to prove a dogma. Here’s how it works – DNC chair gets ‘talking points’ from BM, DNC forms a focus group through a respectable 3rd party think tank or consulting firm, to come to a conclusion set out from the beginning, such as “Obamacare is actually more popular” – they’ll think of ways to phrase questions or call only a certain kind of demographic (like the upper-middle class who aren’t really affected by Obamacare.)

    Republicans, are brainwashed too – just from another perspective of the spectrum. Really the 2 party system has created a ‘zombie class’ of people who believe they are ‘well versed’ in politics, when in fact they are just consumers of another form of infotainment we call Politics in USA.

    The reality is, that a reality TV star is in the White House, and is day by day changing the reality (that is, the REAL reality, not the false reality on TV) of the political system of USA.

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